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Children have fun learning at Summer Enrichment Academy

June 16, 2004

For 7-year-old Callie Grinter, learning about turtles and other marine life is the most exciting part of her summer school class.

And for Ricki Carpenter, 8, who was taking a Feeding Frenzy class with teacher Mona Dibble, the best part of summer school is, well, learning.

"I like summer school because you learn more about other things," Ricki said.

The two youngsters were among participants in the 2004 Summer Enrichment Academy that Tonganoxie Elementary School is holding for children in kindergarten through sixth grade.

Each class was designed by teachers to give students a chance to be creative, have fun and learn. Classes started June 1 and will conclude on Friday. With classes such as Monkeyin' Around and Wacky Science, students actually want to go to school.

Many classes are being offered, such as Computer Camp, French, Spanish, Oceans of Fun and Surfin' Safari.

Each class focuses on something other than the usual curriculum. And having fun is important.

In the Oceans of Fun class taught by Becky Lee, students learn about marine life and the ocean.

The children have focused on penguins, turtles, sharks, whales, seals and polar bears. The students painted plaster sea animals, made sand pictures of sea animals and worked on a mural for marine life that signifies the importance of ocean life.

Lee described the objective of the class as an appreciation builder for marine life because 70 percent of the Earth is made up of the ocean.

"I want the kids to learn to respect, appreciate and understand how important it is to keep nature protected," Lee said.

In the Wacky Science class taught by Karri Mazzapica and Andrea Wonka, youngsters made gak, chapstick, sidewalk chalk, play dough and bubbles. Karri Mazzapica says her class was designed to help children develop a love for science -- and have fun.

In Mona Dibble's Feeding Frenzy class, children learn how to cook by using the home economics classroom in the junior high. They enjoy cooking foods such as M&M cookies, chocolate chip brownies, chicken fingers and beef stroganoff. And the students learned how to clean up after themselves by doing the dishes before they left everyday.

Sidney Grinter, 9, took the class because she wants to learn how to cook after watching her mom cook at home.

"I like getting my hands into stuff, it's my art," Sidney said. "You get to be free without Mom."

For 9-year-old Mallory Harrell, cooking is a joy.

"It's not like school, it's a lot more fun," Mallory said.

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