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Liquor store owner requests Sunday sales

June 16, 2004

It's a matter of economics.

For Corky Krouse, who owns a liquor store on U.S. Highway 24-40 in eastern Tonganoxie, the allowance of package liquor sales in area cities has meant money out of his pocket.

"I'm losing about $30,000 a year," Krouse told Tonganoxie City Council members on Monday. "That's my job, so I've got to get something going."

Krouse asked city council members to again consider a charter ordinance that would allow Tonganoxie's three liquor stores to sell alcohol on Sundays. Currently, only restaurants and private clubs can sell alcohol on Sunday -- and only by the drink.

This is the second time Krouse has asked the city to approve such an ordinance.

Last year, the council OK'd a charter ordinance, but a valid protest petition was filed, which forced the city's hand on the issue. The city was faced with dropping the matter or turning the question over to voters in a special election, which would have cost the city about $1,500.

So last November, council members opted to drop the issue.

But Krouse believes the chances of a successful ordinance are better now.

"I think the waters are calm now," he said. ''... I don't think we'll have a petition."

City council members told Krouse that if they went ahead and passed another charter ordinance that they wanted also to hold an election -- if a protest petition is filed. If one isn't filed, liquor stores would be free to sell liquor on Sunday.

"I think if we take this on and adopt a charter ordinance ... we have to hold an election," said council member Velda Roberts. "That would not sit well with the people out there (if the council didn't hold an election)."

Council member Ron Cranor said he would want to couple a Sunday liquor sales ballot question on the November general election, so the cost to the city would not be much of a factor.

Council members are expected to officially act on the issue at an upcoming city council meeting.

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