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Letters to the editor

Disputing ATV ban; Road improvement fee support; Tonganoxie jewel

June 23, 2004

In dispute of the ATV ban

To the editor:

This is in response to the story, "City Council says 'No' to ATVs in which Mayor Dave Taylor questioned the legality of the new ordinance. "I don't think it's constitutional," the mayor said.

I have to agree with Mayor Taylor. I am not convinced that the city has the legal standing to ban ATVs on private property. I can see where banning them on city streets can be a public safety issue, but not in someone's backyard.

The story said, "Several weeks ago, residents in eastern Tonganoxie complained to city council members about youngsters driving ATVs on private property and on city streets, creating noise and dust problems."

Private property? Was this on the ATV owners' private property or the complainants' property? If these youngsters were riding the ATV on someone else's private property then that is an issue, but there are laws that already cover trespassing. If the youngsters were on their own property then who are they injuring? Creating noise and dust problems, you mean sort of like mowing your yard? Perhaps the city should look in to banning lawn mowers. They make more noise and dust than ATVs.

The story further said, "Cranor said he wanted to get an ordinance in place because of safety concerns. And he said any problems with the ordinance could be ironed out over time. 'If there's issue and they get cited, let them bring it to court,' he said. 'If it's too restrictive, and we don't have constitutional grounds, let's change it. You've got to start some place. ... Maybe it will stop somebody from being seriously injured or killed.'"

Please! Because of safety concerns? It's not Ron Cranor's or the city councils job to determine what is safe for me and my family. Their job is not to infringe on my freedoms. Their job is to manage the city not the city's residents.

Just my two cents' worth.

Steve Clark,
Rural Tonganoxie.

Support of road improvement fee

To the editor:

Several months ago, the Leavenworth County Planning Commission approved an increase in the county's road improvement fee.

The fee structure is a proactive plan designed to keep pace with the increased pressure that rapid growth is placing on our roads.

Although some people view the increase as extreme, it is a fact that road improvement and maintenance costs are extremely high. Growth escalates the need for both and it is absolutely appropriate that growth subsidize those costs.

The proposed road improvement fee is a solid solution. It secures the safety of our citizens and our roads.

Karen Kellogg,

A jewel in Tonganoxie's crown

To the editor:

For many years Tonganoxie has had a charming treasure that countless people have visited and enjoyed. Our very own Almeda Hotel has served meals and been home away from home for many travelers for more than 50 years.

Three years ago Anna and Darlyn Hansen purchased the hotel. The Hansens have transformed this charming hotel into a sophisticated Bed and Breakfast with an elegant reception room suitable for any occasion.

Our family enjoyed a beautiful wedding reception here last year with more than 75 guests attending. The Hansens catered our reception with the most professional service we could have expected.

Tonganoxie is very fortunate to have such a beautiful facility which also deserves to be on the National Historic Resister.

I encourage anyone who is planning an event and needing a beautiful setting with very gracious hosts to look into the "new" Almeda Hotel, which has been elegantly renamed the Amanna elan Hotel.

It truly is a treasure for Tonganoxie.

Betty Wilson,

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