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KDHE: Stay clear of creek

March 24, 2004

On Tuesday, city administrator Shane Krull issued an advisory for residents and their pets to stay away from Tonganoxie Creek.

The advisory followed Monday's discovery that a sewer line that crosses Tonganoxie Creek was broken.

The 8-inch line carries sewage from the North Star subdivision and the public restrooms at Chieftain Park, Krull said. Krull estimated its average flow at no more than 25 gallons a minute.

Today, the city plans to have a temporary line put in. The line, which was installed in 1969 to service a trailer park where Chieftain Park now is located, is covered by a concrete structure that spans the creek.

Krull said he thought recent heavy rains led to the breakage.

"Apparently after the recent rains the subsequent debris that flowed down Tonganoxie Creek hit the concrete structure and pushed it five to seven feet downstream on the west side, and in doing that broke the iron sewer pipe," Krull said.

City crews found the break when they were at the creek removing debris on Monday.

"We contacted KDHE, which is standard protocol on Monday," Krull said.

On Tuesday, KDHE officials inspected the site and collected water samples at several locations near the breakage.

The advisory to stay away from the creek will remain in effect until KDHE resamples the water and has favorable results, Krull added.

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