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Remeber when: A community review

May 5, 2004

10 years ago: April 13, 1994

Springdale Scene: Myron Schwinn, son of the late John and Ruth Schwinn of the Springdale Community, has been selected as one of the Kansas Master Teachers and will be honored at a banquet in Emporia on April 13.

Jarbalo Jottings: Work on the home of John and Rita Dickinson, east of Bid Sheppard has begun. John and Rita are staying with Bid while the house is being built.

Deaths: Louise M. Keeslar, 86, Tonganoxie, died April 8, 1994. Funeral services for Edith C. Walden, 98, formerly of Fairmount, were held Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rice took a trip into Nebraska in the Sand Hills to locate the place where Frank was born. This was found at Brady, Neb., and learned that the foundation of his home was still there. They met the man who now owns the place and this gentleman took Frank on a tour in a 4-wheel drive pickup, going places where an ordinary car could not travel.

(Picture) On April 1, the Crouse family welcomed Kelly Crouse, age 20, home to McLouth. Crouse, an airman in the Air Force, has returned from a one-year tour of duty in South Korea, and he's happy to be back on American soil.

The Tonganoxie Public Library will hold a Silver Tea, Sunday, April 17, from 2-4 p.m. in the library. The tea is in celebration of librarian Winnie Turner, who has been at the library 25 years. The public is invited to attend.

25 years ago: April 11, 1979

(Picture) Early next February in Lake Placid, N.Y., the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympic Games will culminate with the arrival of the Olympic torch relay team. Heidi Wallace, KU graduate in social welfare, will be a member of that team. She is the daughter of Mary Wallace and the late Arch Wallace, Tonganoxie. She was chosen from 6,000 applicants to join the 52-member team. The team represents each state, the village of Lake Placid and the District of Columbia. This will be the first time a torch relay team has carried the Olympic torch to the Winter Games in the United States.

Death: William F. Knipp, 74, Basehor, died April 3, 1979.

Close friends and relatives of Frank Jr. and Barbara Kramer are honoring them with an open house for their 25th wedding anniversary to be held in their home April 22, from 2-4 p.m.

On Saturday evening, April 7, Mr. and Mrs. W. Hans Freienmuth were honored in their home by their children and grandchildren, with a buffet dinner, on the occasion of their 60th wedding anniversary.

Birth: Mr. and Mrs. Terry Freeman are the proud parents of a girl, Terri Marie, born April 6, 1979.

Basehor News: Mr. and Mrs. Max Scheller returned last week after spending the winter at Mission, Texas.

Herbert and Jean Sanchez of Tonganoxie celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary last week.

50 years ago: April 29, 1954

Death: Graveside services were held Wednesday for Steven Gardner Slawson, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Tedric D. Slawson of route 2, North Topeka, at Mount Hope cemetery. The infant died Tuesday in a local hospital.

Sunday, May 2, at the Springdale Friends Church will be held a special service at 11 o'clock a.m. and basket dinner at noon with a reception following in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde O. George for their Golden Wedding Anniversary.

Basehor: Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Trieb announce the birth of a daughter Tuesday, April 27.

Linwood: Mr. and Mrs. Walter Coffman announce the birth of a son April 24, to whom the name Daniel Neil has been given; Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Burra announce the birth of a son April 28.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lisson are the parents of a daughter born April 22, 1954. She has been given the name Donna Rose.

Women no longer use sealing wax on cans of fruit, but the stuff is good for setting gauge pins on printing presses. When we ran out, Fred Zoellner came up with some sealing wax left from the past, when the ladies sealed their fruit jars with sealing wax.

Mr. and Mrs. James Borders, Prairie Village, announce the birth of a daughter, Belinda Sue, April 22, 1954.

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Wernsmann of Wichita, announce the adoption of a seven-month-old son on April 20, 1954.

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Yonally of Payson, Utah, are the parents of a baby girl born April 22. She has been given the name Carolyn Sue.

75 years ago: April 4, 1929

Hoge Station: Mr. John Doege Jr., who is attending the Porter field of aviation school at Kansas City, made a trip out to his home and made quite a number of circle and dips over his home and gave signals to his parents that it was him. He also flew over McGinnis school where he once went to school and graduated from the eighth grade. At this aviation school is where they make the American Eagle airplane.

Hoge Station: A daughter was born to Mrs. Albert Doege Monday, April 1, 1929.

A nine-pound baby boy was born Wednesday morning to Mr. and Mrs. R. C. DeLude. The baby has been given the name of Clifford Lee.

Reno: Miss Mary Breese enjoys those nice days by riding horseback to and from her school here.

The Tonganoxie people who were on a trip to the Rio Grande Valley in Texas last week, stopped a short time in San Antonio which they viewed from a sight seeing bus and while there also had a chat with "Jack" Hoey, who is in the movies in wild west stunts. These acts have been so realistic that he had had both shoulders broken, eight ribs fractured, and has been jolted seriously otherwise. Jack has charge of 15 horses, which are kept for movie work on a ranch not far from San Antonio. He longs for life in Tonganoxie and his ambition is to come back and build him a fine home here.

100 years ago: April 14, 1904

Obituary: Miss Arabella Jones was born in Mahaska County, Iowa, June 28, 1845. In the 13th year of her age, she moved with her parents to Leavenworth County, Kansas. She was one of the early settlers of Tonganoxie, and many will remember her marriage here 31 years ago to William White. On April 6, in Eudora, her late home, after five years of Christian faithfulness and calm struggle with pain, she closed this earthly life. To know her was to love her, to know her was to be better.

Mr. and Mrs. Will Lutz became the parents of a boy last Friday.

The number of drunks on the streets Saturday at $5 a piece in police court would have netted the city something like $50.

A Plymouth Rock hen owned at the home of the editor of this paper, used a pint tin can for a nest. She succeeded in getting four eggs canned successfully, and several others had rolled to one side before the peculiar nest was discovered.

The Freeman brothers killed a female fox last Sunday north of town, and captured four young ones. The fox had been doing considerable damage raiding chicken roosts. Yesterday Otto Freienmuth and Bob Leidy went to the fox den and caught two more of the youngsters, and now they have a pet fox apiece.

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