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May 19, 2004

This from a busy mom:

"We are all wearing bib overalls at our house. My husband was first, then the boys and now sis and me also. My husband carries so much stuff in his pockets they are wearing very thin. How can I repair them?"

A good question, and they are easily repaired. You can even recycle pockets, let's cover that one first.

As you discard worn-out overalls, be sure to save the buckles first. You can also cut any good pocket bottoms off. Just cut the lower part of the pocket off as high up as you can and then cut off the worn-out pocket the same length, leaving just enough for a seam width, and attach the salvaged section to it.

Then clipping down into the side edges of each just a seam's width, attach the two together. Zigzag those raw edges to keep them from raveling out.

If you have no recycled ones you also can cut off the worn pocket ends and use them as a pattern cut and attach them the same way.

Her problem reminded me of a neighbor years ago. Granny kept forgetting to fix Gramps pockets. To save words he said "I began tying a string or even a piece of binder twine around that pocket, making such a wadded up mess she had to see it. They had fun with that one."

Then there was the small lad who asked his grandma "Grandma, can you make this hole go away?" as he turned his pocket inside out.

It always has amazed me. A man can carry all he needs in his pockets and we need such big purses.

Bye and God bless.

-- Aunt Norie, P.O. Box 265, Tonganoxie 66086-0265 , or

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