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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

May 26, 2004

You never know what you may find at a garage sale. My daughter, Cathy Plaster, found a clever and easy-to-make baked potato holder. It fits over your hand, much like a mitt.

It's great for quickly picking up those hot baked potatoes from that hot oven rack, but she's also found more than that.

It's really great and gets more use as a potholder for those hot microwave dishes.

Just visualize a long narrow potholder with a pocket on each end.

The whole thing is about 8 inches long and 4 inches wide with rounded ends.

To use, slide all four fingers into one end pocket and your thumb into the other pocket. You then have a potholder that you don't have to hold onto as you lift those hot baked potatoes or hot dishes from the microwave.

One could easily make one using the quilted prints. Cut a rectangle 8-by-4 inches, cutting the corners off and rounding them. Cut pockets with the same rounded ends about 3 inches deep. Zig-zag or bind the open end of the pocket attaching the pockets to the ends of the longer pad. It makes a dandy holder and will become one of your favorites.

Thanks Cathy for sharing your handy little holder with us.

-- Aunt Norie, P.O. Box 265, Tonganoxie 66086;

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