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Majority of students in survey off to college

May 26, 2004

The Mirror's senior survey looked into the class of 2004's post-high school plans, as well as what the new graduates expect their lives will be like.

A total of 94 of this year's 124 graduates filled out the written survey. The survey was equally divided between males and females.

Heather Young, who plans to attend Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill., is featured in this section. Young falls in line with 50 percent of the survey respondents, or 47 students, who plan to attend a four-year college.

In her class, 33 students (35 percent) said they plan to enroll in a two-year college, eight plan to work full time and one plans to go into the military.

Of the survey respondents who said they plan to attend college, 65 students, or 69.1 percent, said they would have some difficulty financing their education.

A smaller group, 20 students (21.3 percent), said they would have no difficulty, and a still smaller group, eight students (8.5 percent), said they would have serious difficulty in paying for college.

In Young's case, a generous scholarship from Northwestern will pay about three-fourths of her college expenses, and financial arrangements have been worked out for the family's portion of the costs.

As a group, the students in the class of 2004 appear to be optimistic about their future earning power. In answering whether they expected to be better off financially than their parents, 70 students (74.5 percent) said yes, and 22 students (23.4 percent) said no.

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