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Remember when: A community review

May 26, 2004

10 years ago: May 11, 1994

Deaths: Wolfgang H. Hucke, 55, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, died May 6, 1994; Frances C. Masopust, 74, Tonganoxie, died May 7, 1994; Don William Dunlap, 80, Tonganoxie, died May 8, 1994; Margaret E. Sanderson, Leavenworth, died April 27, 1994.

(Pictures) At the invitation of Gov. Joan Finney, Michelle Renee Rahija, of Tonganoxie, was selected to attend the 11th annual Governor's Scholars Award Program on May 1, at Washburn University. At the invitation of Gov. Joan Finney, Sara Saunders, of Tonganoxie High School, was selected to attend the 11th annual Governor's Scholars Award Program on May 1, at Washburn University. The recognition ceremony honors the top 1 percent of Kansas high school seniors.

Jarbalo Jottings: Julia Smith and Thamar Barnett attended the renewal of wedding vows of George and Cathy Moore on their 10th anniversary Saturday, May 7, at Fellowship of Love Church in Kansas City.

Norman E. Wiley will celebrate his 94th birthday on Friday, May 13, 1994.

25 years ago: May 9, 1979

Word has been received here of the death of Mrs. James Bennett of San Jose, Calif.

Other deaths: Mrs. Violet Somers, Tonganoxie, passed away May 7, 1979, at the age of 91 years; James Edgar Woods, Tonganoxie, passed away May 1, 1979, age 14 years; Roy Zimmerman, formerly of Tonganoxie, passed away in Arcadia, Calif., May 3, 1979.

Reno News: Mr. and Mrs. Mike Pottorf, Oskaloosa, took Mr. and Mrs. B.J. Wedel to the Western Sizzler in Lawrence on Saturday night to celebrate their 31st wedding anniversary.

Springdale News: Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Lawrence, Mr. and Mrs. Willoughby Schwinn and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Zimmerman from this community attended the 50th wedding anniversary reception at the Methodist Church in Tonganoxie for Alton and Ann Grems.

Springdale News: Saturday, Mr. and Mrs. Elton Fevurly and Mrs. Doris Vance of Leavenworth took Mrs. Ruth Schwinn with them to attend the 50th wedding anniversary reception in Valley Falls for Mr. and Mrs. Bill Sass. Mr. and Mrs. Willoughby Schwinn also attended this affair.

Jarbalo News: Happy birthday to Kay and Craig Lohman who are celebrating their 18th and 20th birthdays respectively today, May 7, 1979.

Birth: Mr. and Mrs. Mark Randel announce the birth of a son, Thomas Richard, April 17, 1979.

50 years ago: May 27, 1954

Birth: Mr. and Mrs. John Lisson of Kansas City announce the birth of a son, David John, on May 20, 1954.

Linwood: Mr. and Mrs. Bob Anderson of Lawrence, announce the birth of a daughter, May 20, 1954.

The Weekly News Reel: The highway department will auction off A.C. Hess's store at Reno. He has been there 44 years and says he thinks the days of the country store are over. He did well for the first 30 years there, and not so well since. He and Mrs. Hess had about decided to retire anyway.

The Mahlon Cook family is living at the Billingsley Cabin Camp until their new house is finished near the water works. The Bud Freeman family, who has lived there for quite some time, has moved to the Reynolds house near the Sinclair Service Station.

Items About Town: Lee Morgan bought the Klinkenberg house at auction Saturday. The price paid was $300. He has 30 days in which to move it to another location.

Items About Town: The Don Klinkenberg house was moved Wednesday to a location south of Mrs. Carpenter's.

Locals: Roy Graves purchased the abandoned Mound schoolhouse. Don Conrad bought the Don Klinkenberg workshop.

Stranger Valley Echoes, A Little Bit About Everything: Chief Tonganoxie, who died in 1864 and was buried on the Richards Farm near Glenwood, was about 70 years of age at the time, hence born in 1794, only 18 years after the Revolutionary War. The Kansas Centennial Year helps bring these things to mind.

75 years ago: May 2, 1929

Mrs. Amanda Turpin, age 83, Tonganoxie, died April 28, 1929.

What They Say: J.C. Laming: "I see the Mirror has it figured families are getting smaller in Tonganoxie. I come from a family of 18 children, and what I mean is, in those days, people had what you would call families."

Society News: The Pachacamac Society of K.U. held their 17th annual round table with a dinner Wednesday evening at 7:30 at the Myers hotel. Sixty-five members were present.

Stanwood: Mr. and Mrs. John Greever received the announcement of the birth of a son to their daughter, Mrs. Happy Van Tuyle and Major Van Tuyle at the Post hospital at Leavenworth on April 24, 1929.

Pony Creek: The pupils of Pony Creek presented their teacher, Miss Somers, with a beautiful picture.

Linwood, Route 2: Pleasant Valley school closed Thursday with a basket dinner. Miss Doege treated all with ice cream and pop.

Job Printing: The Mirror has just received three new series of job type faces, the latest modern type for calling cards, wedding announcements, Christmas cards, announcements, etc., including typo script, wedding text, and Washington text shaded. The job department also has three new press numbering machines, displacing the old hand machines, so that numbering may be done on printed forms the same time they are printed.

100 years ago: May 12, 1904

Killed a Jaguar: George Bell killed a South American jaguar several days ago on his farm near Ackerland. This is the animal supposed to have been a puma and created some excitement near Leavenworth. The jaguar is supposed to have escaped from some show.

The Catholics have purchased 100 lots in the east part of Maple Grove cemetery and as soon as they are surveyed they will be dedicated.

Will Allan has entered the employ of the Tonganoxie Telephone Co., and will dispose of his store at Reno.

Al Angell, who died in Kansas City week before last, had his life insured for $1,000 in the Modern Woodmen in favor of his mother.

Forty-four years ago Monday, Lem Evans marched over the present site of Tonganoxie. That night they camped out in the brush on the present Loomis farm and in the morning the ground was frozen and ice had formed in pools. There was no fruit in Kansas then to freeze.

An unconfirmed report has been circulated for some time that a charge of 10 cents would be made for ice cream soda this year. This report is false. You can buy an ice cream soda even more delicious than ever for 5 cents at the Home Bakery. H. Toburen.

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