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Our view: Krull served city well during tenure

November 3, 2004

A good one's getting away.

While no one should blame Tonganoxie City Administrator Shane Krull for taking a job in his home county, his departure will be felt in Tonganoxie. Krull's tenure as Tonganoxie city administrator has been marked by professionalism, a quality that sorely was needed.

And while Krull has handled his duties, city employees and the public in a professional manner, he has maintained the degree of accessibility required and expected in towns the size of Tonganoxie.

He's worked to secure grants for the city to help finance such projects as part of the new sewage treatment plant, as well as a new water line required to handle water from the city's new supplier.

When Shane Krull took over the city administrator's duties, city hall was in need of strong, quiet leadership. The combative nature of the previous administrator had damaged good relationships within the city structure.

Krull was able to restore trust among Tonganoxie citizens. His even temper and his quick insight have served him well. And, it's expected, they will continue to serve him well in his new endeavor.

And while Krull will be missed, the community should wish him well.

Now, the Tonganoxie City Council and the mayor will work to find a new administrator for our lovely town. And, as is the case anytime there's change, this presents an opportunity for the city.

In the business world, whenever an employee leaves an organization, the effort is made to "hire up" -- to work to ensure the replacement employee is even better than the previous one.

And that should be the case in Tonganoxie city government. The city of Tonganoxie deserves the best, the brightest and the most committed city administrator it can find.

And while Krull has been an excellent city administrator, elected city officials should work as hard as possible during the upcoming few weeks to hire up, to find a city administrator who will lead Tonganoxie in a professional, positive and honest manner.

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