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Please return curtains, Your vote does count, Halloween party

November 17, 2004

Please return curtains

To the editor:

You know who you are! About a month ago, I ordered a set of green, homespun check swag curtains from The Country House, Salisbury, MD. When I hadn't received them by Nov. 8, I contacted The Country House, only to find that they confirmed delivery to the Tonganoxie Post Office on Oct. 26, 2004, at 2:11 p.m. That is more than three weeks ago.

I never received these curtains. I believe that someone out there has my curtains, probably accidentally receiving them in a parcel box at the Tonganoxie Post Office and instead of being honest and returning them, you kept them.

I believe that is the most deceitful, dishonest and disgusting thing you could have done. I certainly expected better than this despicable behavior from folks here in my hometown. It is shameful that you don't have the respect and "guts" to do the right thing and return them either to the Post Office or to me.

No questions asked.

Sharon C. Garner,


You vote does count

To the editor:

On election day does every vote matter? You bet it does, every vote has a significant impact. An excellent example is the Tonganoxie school bond election. According to a recent article in The Mirror, there are over 10,000 taxpayers in the Tonganoxie school district.

Yet the bond was approved by only 706 voters. That is truly remarkable, and a rewarding testament to the election process.

On further examination the numbers are disappointing. Only 3,922 people out of more than 10,000 actually voted on the bond. What happened to the other voters? Where were you? Why didn't you vote? Were you not registered? Did you really not have an opinion on something that affected you so immediately and so overwhelmingly?

Please think about this. If you were in favor of school bond approval, 2,319 voters decided the issue. If you were opposed to approval, only 706 voters decided the outcome.

Your vote, every vote, is a powerful, positive force. What you think really does matter. The caveat is you must vote.

Karen Kellogg,


Halloween party

To the editor:

What a wonderful turn out there was for the second annual Community Halloween Party held at the Tonganoxie Historical Site on Oct. 29.

It was great to see so many families together having fun. Even though we ran out of food and the lines were long, everyone was patient and seemed to enjoy themselves. Parents: Kudos to you. Your children were all exceptionally well-behaved.

We hope everyone will come again next year. We promise to have more games for less waiting in lines and more food, too.

Of course, none of this could have happened without some wonderful volunteers and Jim Gambrill went way beyond generous.

If you have any ideas you would like us to consider to make next year even better, please contact the Tonganoxie Public Library. We are always open to suggestions and really open to accepting additional volunteer help.

Janice Seymour,

Vice president, Friends of the Tonganoxie Library.

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