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Local second-grader’s drawing on General Motors calendar

November 17, 2004

A Tonganoxie second-grader's attention to detail netted a place for his artwork on the annual General Motors calendar.

Klinton Counts, who is 8, knew just what he wanted to draw when his grandmother, Carolyn Fenoglio, who works at the GM plant in Kansas City, Kan., suggested he enter.

Klinton's picture shows a child climbing a tree that has power lines running through it. He wrote, "Never play on trees that are close to power lines" at the top of his drawing.

Klinton remembered that after a recent storm trees had knocked down power lines, his father had asked the power company to come out and turn off the power, his grandmother said.

Klinton, the son of Jesse Fenoglio and Michelle Emerson, won a $100 savings bond.

Another of Carolyn's grandchildren also entered the contest.

Delaney Fenoglio's drawing won't make it to a calendar page, but a picture of Delaney will be on the cover of the calendar, along with pictures of other children.

Fenoglio said her grandchildren are already talking about what drawings they'll create for next year's contest. Fenoglio has worked for GM for 15 years.

Her husband, Michael, retired from GM last year after 30 years.

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