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Letter to the editor: Election retrospective

November 23, 2004

Election retrospective

To the editor:

I'm feeling sorry for the Tonganoxie basketball team.

Robin Jones and Debbie Tullis feel that if the team loses a game by a score of 59 to 56 they are completely defeated. Don't even show up for the rematch, the opposition beat them by three so there is no use trying. This is what they and the right are trying to say about Democrats. Out of 116 (million) votes Bush received 59 (million, 51 percent) and Kerry received 56 (million, 48 percent).

A total of 51 percent is barely a simple majority and does not mean the other 48 percent are wrong. Saying things like "most Americans believe" this or that is misleading. I live in a multi-religious household (Christian and Jewish). The Ten Commandments are the bedrock of my religion. They are important but only part of what the Jewish religion sees as over 400 such guidelines in the Tora. And to the Hindus, the Buddist and the Taoist, they hold no such relevance. Yet they are all Americans.

The Defense of Marriage Act has already put into law a system by which no state has to accept a marriage preformed in another state. If you still want an amendment to protect marriage, do it at the state level, which licenses marriage -- not the federal government.

Then while you're at it, why not write it to outlaw divorce, outlaw annulments, outlaw infidelity. These really impact the "sanctity of marriage."

I don't think that would pass. It would infringe on the majority's rights and freedoms. It would take an "activist judge" to do something like that. The "activist judges" that they deride brought us women's right to vote, the minority right to vote and forced Child Labor Laws into effect.

You'll find our courts are at their finest when they protect the rights of the minority not the majority. No one stops you or me from observing our religion but please don't try to force its edicts on others. This should have been an election about what our president has done in office not about what a small number of people do in their bedrooms.

Bryan Moore,

1982 Tonganoxie High graduate,


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