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Our view: Learning a lesson from our neighbors

November 23, 2004

Last week, a state economic development official challenged the men and women gathered for a Leavenworth Area Development annual meeting.

He underscored for them the importance of positioning the county for the future. He encouraged them to be forward-thinking and to be nimble as they work to attract new businesses to Leavenworth County.

And he used the example of our neighbors to the east as an amazing, successful transformation.

It is true: Who would have imagined 10 years ago that Wyandotte County would have the No. 1 tourist attraction in Kansas? Who would have imagined that Wyandotte County -- which was the butt of not-so-kind jokes -- would have so successfully attracted new businesses?

Apparently, the folks in Wyandotte County did believe that. And they used that belief as a springboard in their highly successful economic development efforts.

The state official was right: It's a can-do attitude, along with a great deal of hard work and planning, that made the difference in Wyandotte County.

And it could, and should, happen here.

Leavenworth County is well-positioned for a bright future. Its economic development groups are well-organized. It has much to offer prospective companies.

It is important that the county move forward as a single unit -- to promote itself, to gain better transportation links to major highways, to attract worker-training facilities and to provide economic incentives. All of that, along with a can-do attitude, will ensure Leavenworth County is well-positioned for the future.

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