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Remember when: A community review

October 6, 2004

10 years ago: Sept. 21, 1994

Births: Bradley and Sandra Meredith, Basehor, announce the birth of a son, David Robert, on Sept. 9, 1994; Todd and Christine Janssen of Tonganoxie, announce the birth of a daughter, on Sept. 8, 1994. She was given the name Gabrielle Marie.

Deaths: Louis Snyder, 83, Kansas City, died Sept. 14, 1994; Larry Allen Williams, 58, Tonganoxie, passed away Sept. 16, 1994; Hazel Arletta James, Tonganoxie, died Sept. 20, 1994; Raymond Kent "Skip" Chaffin, 49, Brooklyn, N.Y., died Sept. 19, 1994.

Jarbalo Jottings: Relatives of Joe and Dot Cleavinger came to the church yard Saturday to erect the shelterhouse they are giving in memory of their son, Cory.

(Picture) Air Force Airman 1st Class Timothy S. Reisbig has graduated from Air Force basic training at Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas.

Alyson Emery celebrated her 18th birthday with her family on Sept. 11, 1994.

(Picture) A surprise (and slightly early) 90th birthday party was held for Elise Grinter on Saturday, Sept. 17, at the Grinter farm. Mrs. Grinter's birthday is actually in December, but her family felt December was a bad time for a party, and besides that, it is easier to surprise someone when it really isn't their birthday.

Howard Kissinger: man with the magic touch (Picture) The year, 1934, as Dust Bowl veterans can tell you, was an unusually dry year. Howard Kissinger, then 19 years old, was fooling around on the farm where he was born, a half-mile from where he now lives, off County Road 9, when he picked up a forked stick. "I think it was a peach stick," and it turned on him. "The ground was dry and hard," he recalls, "but I took a shovel and started a hole and when I found damp ground, I used a post auger and went down 27 feet and I found water. That well is still running to this day." In the 60 years that have passed since Kissinger discovered he had the touch for water witching, he estimates he's located about 100 wells in the area around Tonganoxie, as well as others much farther away. "My grandfather (August Lyon) could witch, my mother (Mary Kissinger) could witch and I've got the touch, too," Kissinger says.

25 years ago: Sept. 19, 1979

Deaths: Thomas John Smith Jr., Tonganoxie, passed away Sept. 13, 1979, at the age of 82; Mrs. Nancy Roselie Lawson, 47, Tonganoxie, passed away Sept. 17, 1979; Robert Henry Campbell, Moberly, Mo., died Sept. 14, 1979.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. John Lewallen announce the birth of a son, Christopher Michael, on Sept. 8, 1979; Mr. and Mrs. Richard Harris, Tonganoxie, announce the birth of a son, Oliver Richard; Mr. and Mrs. Terry McAlexander announce the birth of a son, Eric Todd, on Aug. 16, 1979.

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Putthoff, Terry and Kerry, Susie Putthoff and Dee Woolard, attended the 20th annual Putthoff reunion at Lake Jacomo in Kansas City, Mo., Sunday. There were over 170 people who enjoyed the day. Understand that 700 are registered. Wouldn't that be great if all could attend?

Open house was held at the Florence Riford Center, Sunday, Sept. 2 from 2-4 p.m. to celebrate the 80th birthday of Louise Mills. This was hosted by her nine children, who were all present.

The children of Bud and Agnes Shoemaker will host a 40th anniversary open house at their home, Sunday, Sept. 30, 1979, from 2-4 p.m.

50 years ago: Oct. 7, 1954

Death: A lifelong resident of Leavenworth county, Alfred A. Kahn, died Wednesday morning at his home near Reno. He was 60 years old.

Hoskins Store Is Sold: E.E. Hoskins Winds Up 53 Years As a Grocer: Bill Seymour, who has worked for the past 12 years for Fred Zoellner, bought the Hoskins HGF Store effective Monday.

They elect queens for everything. In our book, the real queen is the gal who has supper ready when you get home.

Birth: Mr. and Mrs. John E. Fox of So. San Gabriel, Calif., announce the birth of a daughter Sept. 27th, to whom they have given the name Michelle Rose.

The seven children of the late Mr. and Mrs. S.P. Haas held their reunion at the fair grounds Sunday, Oct. 3, with a basket dinner at noon.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Ray Wager announce the birth of a daughter, Glenda Gayle, Oct. 3, 1954; Mr. and Mrs. Edward Peterson are the parents of a son born Oct. 5, 1954; Mr. and Mrs. Bob Rawlings of Mount Vernon, Ill., announce the birth of a daughter, Rebecca Ann, on Sept. 24, 1954; Mr. and Mrs. Don Hickey of Topeka announce the birth of a boy Oct. 2, 1954; Mr. and Mrs. William Bingamon, Jr., announce the birth of a son, Garry Lee, born Oct. 3, 1954.

75 years ago: Sept. 12, 1929

John Osborn was pleasantly surprised at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Vernon DeHoff, Monday evening, in honor of his 79th birthday. About 50 relatives and friends were present to help him celebrate the happy event.

County History (By George Remsburg.) As the home of man, Leavenworth County is one of the oldest regions not only in the state, but in the United States. Its human occupancy dates back to the famous Lansing prehistoric man, at least 10,000 years ago.

Mr. Newby informs us that the Elberta peach which he brought to the Mirror office last week and which we said was 5 1/2 inches in circumference, was really 10 1/2 inches.

Word was received by relatives of the birth of a six and a half pound girl to Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Giles of Sublette, Kansas.

Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Simison visited Sunday in Leavenworth with Mrs. Richard Igel and daughter, Lulu. Mrs. Igel's son, Dr. Richard Igel Jr., was killed in Los Angeles, when he was struck by a car while crossing the street. Funeral services were held Tuesday in Leavenworth.

Word was received of the death in Los Angeles, of Mrs. Lottie Spray, sister of Mrs. Al Hallenbeck, and cousin of Jack Todd of Tonganoxie.

100 years ago: Sept. 22, 1904

J.B. Bender, who lives four miles west, was seriously hurt at a ball game Sunday, and was in a stupor for about a day afterward.

The Ward farm near Linwood which was sold by the heirs at auction the other day, brought $42 per acre. Matt Grobe was the purchaser.

On a Butler County rural route in one afternoon a carrier was treated to two watermelons, a peck of apples, a mush-melon, a gallon of grapes, half a pie and a cup of coffee. Can any of our carriers come up to that record?

A former resident of Tonganoxie, Mrs. E. Q. Cox, died unexpectedly last Friday in Lawrence.

Stanwood: Pliny White is attending school in Tonganoxie this winter.

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