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Republican Party working to swing voters to candidates

October 13, 2004

According to records, there are approximately 3,000 more registered Republican voters in Leavenworth County than Democrats. Judging by those figures, one might be led to believe the county's GOP has a built-in advantage come the November general election.

Not necessarily so, says Rich Kiper, the new chairman of the county's Republican Party. There are plenty of swing votes remaining, he said.

¢ The Republican Party headquarters in Leavenworth County, 217 B Delaware St. in Leavenworth, is open Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday and Saturday afternoons.

¢ Candidate information is available at the headquarters.

¢ For more information, contact party headquarters at (913) 651-6428.

"There's almost an equal number of unaffiliated registered voters," Kiper said. "That's a sizable number that can have a major impact on the election."

In August, Kiper, an American history professor at Kansas City Kansas Community College for the past seven years, was chosen by his party to lead Leavenworth County's efforts for the next two years. He will remain chairman until after the primary election in 2006, when the GOP will re-organize again.

To prepare for the upcoming election, Kiper said party members are doing whatever they can to swing votes toward Republican candidates.

"We are enthusiastically supporting the candidates," he said. "We're trying to do for them whatever they need doing.

In addition to placing signs, walking in parades and helping distribute campaign information, party members also will be calling voters leading up to Nov. 2.

Kiper said the telephone calls not only will implore voters to cast ballots the GOP's direction.

"We will be making phone calls of people in the various districts -- to generate support for our candidates," Kiper said. "The purpose, of course, will be for them to vote Republican, but we're also going to strongly advocate people get to the polls.

"When this country has such an abysmal record of voting, we, as a party, have an obligation to get people to vote."

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