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Letter to the editor: Flu shot situation

October 20, 2004

This flu shot situation that is affecting our community right now is beyond my understanding.

I manage the senior apartments at Pleasant Village here in town and this topic is at fever pitch. The people that live here are like my family so I guess I'm speaking out for them.

How is it that a grocery store can supply a vaccine and our doctors offices can't? It is my understanding that the Center for Disease Control has set forth a criteria for those who are elderly or at high risk and should be given the shots first because it could be a life threatening situation for them.

Elderly people who have no business standing (or sitting in their wheelchairs) with more than 600 people at a grocery store that only has 150 shots on hand is beyond my comprehension.

Then I see on the front page of Thursday's Leavenworth Times a healthy county employee getting a shot as I'm sure they all did.

Something is terribly wrong with our system. Where do they fit into the criteria and why do they get the shots our frail and elderly so desperately need and cannot get unless they arrive at a grocery store several hours ahead of time and hope there is enough by the time it's their turn.

I do not understand the system in which the dispersion was decided but I would hope in the future that maybe, just maybe, someone that was entitled but was healthy would consider giving their shot up for those whose life might depended on it and return this procedure to the doctors offices where they are more qualified to judge who receives them.

Am I the only one who feels this way?

Georgette Shoemaker,

Manager, Pleasant Village, Tonganoxie.

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