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City administrator leaving Tonganoxie

Krull leaving for top governmental job in Miami County; final day in city is Dec. 10

October 27, 2004

Tonganoxie City Administrator Shane Krull is going home.

At Monday night's city council meeting, the 39-year-old Krull announced he has accepted the position of county administrator for Miami County in Paola. Krull's last day on the job in Tonganoxie will be Dec. 10.

After meeting in executive session, city council member Velda Roberts agreed to accept Krull's resignation as administrator.

"We should note that we appreciate the work that he's done and we'll miss him and wish him good luck in his new position," Roberts said.

City council member Steve Gumm also thanked Krull for his good work.

"We're light years different than we were three years ago in regard to city public relations," Gumm said. "As far as giving the city a good image, he restored that. I personally appreciate everything he's done for the city and I wish him the best."

Mayor Dave Taylor said Robert's and Gumm's comments summed up the feelings of the entire city council.

Krull, who started work in Tonganoxie on Jan. 7, 2002, said his primary accomplishments here dealt with the city's new sewage treatment plant, which could be completed as early as January, and the city's agreement with the Kansas City Kan. Board of Public Utilities to purchase water.

And, he said, there were the constant issues that dealt with managing the city's continuing growth.

This experience has him better prepared for his next job in Miami County. Krull is a native of Osawatomie, which is in Miami County.

"They're experiencing a lot of growth as well," Krull said. "Of course in the rural areas as well as the cities."

Krull said the towns of Spring Hill and Louisburg are growing at rates comparable to Tonganoxie. And, like Tonganoxie, Krull said, highways recently widened from two lanes to four will continue to fuel the growth.

Krull had long known if the county administrator's job in Miami County ever opened, he would apply for it.

Krull's current salary is $54,500, and the Miami County position will start at $72,500.

But additional money isn't the reason he applied.

"I had done my internship there in 1995 as part of graduate school," Krull said. "It was a favorable experience there with the organization and I thought it would be good to be a part of it in the future."

The opportunity came about four months ago when the county administrator announced plans to retire.

"They started the recruitment process back in June," Krull said Tuesday. "I applied for it and it culminated through the interview process in October. The job offer was given to me yesterday."

It was with mixed emotions that Krull submitted his resignation.

He said he'd miss the working relationship he has here with the city staff, elected officials and friends in the community.

"Both Amy and I have been very well pleased with how we've been treated in the community," Krull said. "People have been respectful in our private life as well as in my role as city administrator -- it's been a great place for us as a young family."

Krull said he and Amy will probably settle in Louisburg or Spring Hill with their children, Madison, 8, Abigail, 4, Kathleen 4, and Gunnar, 16 months.

The city now has to start the recruitment process for a new city administrator.

While Krull has led the way to resolving the city's water and sewer problems, there's much more work left to do.

Krull said the new administrator likely will work with the governing body in taking a new look at the comprehensive plan.

This includes zoning regulations that will guide future development in the Tonganoxie area, and working with the county and Kansas Department of Transportation officials to ensure that the 24-40 corridor remains a viable transportation link for southern Leavenworth County, Krull said.

And, Krull added, in the more distant future, another big challenge could arise -- the possibility to connect Interstate 70 to a road in Leavenworth County, possibly County Road 1.

"It would be a benefit to the Tonganoxie area as well as to the county," Krull said.

And, to attract a new city administrator who might want to stay in Tonganoxie even longer, Krull recommends that the city offer to pay a higher salary.

Krull suggested a starting salary ranging from the low $60,000 to the low $70,000 would put Tonganoxie in a more competitive position with area towns.

All in all, Krull said he is and will remain appreciative of his three years in Tonganoxie.

"I still feel very grateful from the standpoint that back in 2002 they placed their faith and trust in me to assist them in handling the day-to-day affairs in the long-term planning for the city," the city administrator said.

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