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Letter to editor: Another view on bond issue

October 27, 2004

I am voting against the school bond and here are several reasons why. First the school board stated they would keep the bond as low as possible. It seems the amount being voted on is as much as the original amount.

Second, when our high school was built, the plans included expansion of the high school from 400 to 700 students. This could have been done years ago at a much lower cost. I'm pretty sure most of you have never heard about this possibility.

Third, several years ago, our school spent funds on rebuilding the football field and a new fieldhouse KU would envy. Then, our taxes went up because there apparently was not enough money to educate our children. I'm sure a deal could have been made with a company like Dell that would have put a computer in front of every student in the district with this money. Perhaps it could have bought new books or new books and a raise for the teachers.

It seems the three R's at Tongie are right guard, right tackle and right end. I was even told this was done so people coming through town could see how pretty our campus was.

We don't need a pretty campus, we only need to educate our children. Period. Last, during the '90s, while we had a great economy and inflation was running at 2 percent, everyone, from our federal government down to our school districts, were raising their budgets each year.

We live in a free country, thank God, so we can vote as we please. I'm voting "no." The school board needs to get its priorities in order before they ask already-strapped taxpayers to spend this much money.

As for our children: They have so much more than we did. If this bond fails, they will be just fine.

Robert Dally,


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