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Taylor hopes to form Mayors Across America

Cost to members only $10; nonpartisan group would fund charitable work

October 27, 2004

Tonganoxie Mayor Dave Taylor oftentimes comes up with ideas as he's drifting off to sleep.

Recently, Taylor hatched a plan that he hopes will grow into a way to help people and, perhaps, put Tonganoxie on the map.

Taylor would like to form a group -- Mayors Across America. Membership in that group would have only two requirements: You must be a mayor, and you must donate $10 that will be used for charitable work.

There's no membership card. Just a good feeling about helping others.

"It will be an organization of all mayors and retired mayors, and if a mayor is deceased, someone can donate in honor of their father or grandfather," Taylor said. "I don't want to go over $10. I want to stick with $10."

Obviously, Taylor's idea still is in the planning stages. But he thinks it could catch on.

"I figured at $10 and you take all of the mayors in the country and mayors of the past, it will be a considerable amount," he said.

"I'm in reality. There are a lot of mayors who won't give."

He'd like the $10 donations to be sent to Tonganoxie's two banks -- First State Bank and Trust and Community National.

"I would like to keep this a Tonganoxie venture," he said. "I don't know if it would be possible. My dream is that one day we build a building here to house Mayors Across America."

And while he wants Tonganoxie to get credit as part of this venture, Taylor said he's not interested in much limelight. And he doesn't want to use city funds to launch his idea.

Taylor would like to chair the effort -- at least initially.

"I'll get it rolling and then step back and let it go," he said.

He hopes to touch base with a few mayors and then launch the effort after the first of next year.

He would like to divide each state into quarters and have one mayor in each quadrant contact other mayors. One mayor would be in charge of each state.

The group's money would be distributed -- using another of Taylor's ideas -- by the spin of a wheel.

"I think that would be a good way," he said. "It would be a big wheel because there are so many outfits that need help."

Taylor said he's hopeful Mayors Across America will take off.

"It's non-political," he said. "There's no Republicans. No Democrats. It's not liberal and not conservative. It may just die and do nothing. We'll just see how it does. You never know."

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