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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

September 8, 2004

"T-shirt quilts. Oh we love them. They're so cuddly and soft," J.J. said.

She also would like to share some tips on making them, and since in today's world, every event seems to have its own colorful T-shirt, this makes making colorful quilts so easy. They really can go together very quickly, and they're such fun to do.

"It's really caught on in our clan, making them in all sizes and colors, from crib to bunk, even a queen size We have a vacation quilt from our travels, our town quilt from local events, and of course a red, white and blue one," J.J. said.

Her first T-shirt quilt was made from old worn, favorites. Many now are made from new shirts purchased just for the quilts. She cautions to be sure to launder them. "I usually run them through the laundry process a couple of times," she said.

Most importantly, she says, is to be sure the back or lining of the quilts are of a woven fabric that will not stretch and give. She sews the T-shirt squares together first. Then she uses a regular quilt batting. The best is the one you can buy by the yard from the large roll. It's much better and easier to handle than the bagged batting. It's also lightweight.

For the back or lining, she often uses a lightweight cotton flannel.

Lightweight cotton sheeting also makes a good lining. To finish them, she ties them with yarn

Thank you so much, J.J. I'm sure your instructions will help many. There certainly is a new T-shirt quilt thing going on. Garage sales are a great place to start collecting the designs. Good luck and have fun.

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