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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

September 22, 2004

"Just call me Dolly," she said. As she continued I actually wound up in tears, trying to shorten and hem those jeans, and that's the main reason I decided to get that sewing machine and start sewing -- just to keep up with these guys and their jeans.

Oh just don't despair, I answered. There are just a few tips and tricks that make jeans and overalls a lot easier to handle. First, buy needles made especially for jeans and heavy denim. I go one step further, I just use the leather needles because they have a very sharp, longer wearing spear like point.

Notion sections in fabric centers have a great selection of needles for all uses. It was there I found a new little gadget called "A -thing-a-ma-jig," made especially for the toughest part of jean sewing -- crossing those heavy leg seams. Place it behind and under the presser foot as you approach that seam, then while right on top of those heavy folds of fabric that creates that seam, slip the gadget out and place it under the toes of the presser foot as you come across and off that seam.

Before I found that little plastic gadget I used a thin piece of wood. I actually broke off the end of a paint-stirring paddle to use, so maybe until you can get the gadget you can try something like that.

You can also extend the life of those comfy old jeans with a little mending and patches so hang in there with that sewing, Dolly. It can all be so rewarding.

Just a hint of what's coming up, Janet Gripka recently donated a lot of her late mother's excess fabric with the stipulation that it go anyone who can use it. "I just want it to be used." You won't believe where it has all gone and is still going, but that's next week. However thanks again, Janet.

-- Aunt Norie, P.O. Box 265, Tonganoxie 66086,

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