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Our view: City council’s move on water a good one

September 29, 2004

On Monday night, Tonganoxie City Council members took a momentous step forward.

After years and years of worry, discussion and debate over the city's need for additional water, city council members unanimously agreed to sign a contract to purchase water from the Board of Public Utilities in Kansas City, Kan. During the next year, city officials will secure right of way and build a water transmission line from 146th Street and State Avenue. In addition, funding for the line must be secured.

And while city residents -- both present and future -- will pay more every time they turn on their tap, the alternative is unthinkable. Tonganoxie, obviously, cannot grow without a strong water supply. And the city cannot serve the needs of existing residents without securing additional water.

If all goes well during the next 12 months, water should start flowing from the east to Tonganoxie. And that water will ensure the city's future needs for years and years to come. That, coupled with the sewage treatment plant that currently is under construction, will take care of necessities for all Tonganoxie residents and property owners.

The city council deserves a round of applause for taking action on a long-standing concern.

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