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Dance team to take center stage

April 6, 2005

The Chieftain Stars will be at center-stage Saturday.

The Stars, Tonganoxie High's dance team, will have a spring show at 7 p.m. Saturday in the THS gymnasium.

Saturday's event will include small-group routines, trios, duets, solos, singing and even forensics pieces. The popular boy-girl routine, a dance number the Stars perform with several THS boys each year during the final home THS basketball game, also is scheduled.

In preparation for the show, team members have been practicing before school from 6 a.m. to 7:15 a.m.

Admission for the spring show will be charged at the door and a concession stand will be available. In addition, flowers can be purchased before the show. THS dance coach Jenna Delay said people can buy flowers for a traditional presentation after the show.

"We have probably 24 different routines with people performing in different groups," Delay said.

Pointe routines, which involve dancing on toes, and some tap numbers are planned among those 24 routines.

The team will feature a new routine and the girls who made the squad for the 2005-06 school year will perform as well.

Percussionists from the THS band also will perform live with the team.

Last Thursday, the Chieftain Stars performed during halftime of a Kansas City Comets game at Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Mo. The team performed with young students from Star Struck dance studio, Tonganoxie.

Delay said the Comets game marked her team's first performance at a major sporting event.

"They did a good job," Delay said.

The Stars also got involved with some pre-game festivities as well. Members of the Comets' staff asked the girls to form a human tunnel for the indoor soccer team.

"They slapped low-fives with soccer players," Delay said.

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