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Readers are winners; Keep the right to filibuster; The economy

April 6, 2005

Readers are winners

To the editor:

I would like to thank the 18 patrons who successfully completed the Library's first Adult Winter Reading Program by reading at least four books between Jan. 29 and March 25. Also, thank you to everyone who came to hear Don Coldsmith's Kansas Humanities Council presentation "A Circle of History" on March 12 and who came to eat cake and talk about their favorite books at our wrap-up book discussion on March 29.

Thanks to the generosity of many local businesses, everyone who completed the reading program won a prize.

Betty Englen won a $50 savings bond from First State Bank and Trust; Virginia Seymour won a $25 gift card from B&J Country Mart; Amy Carrillo won a six-month subscription to The Mirror newspaper; Ursula Kissinger won a copy of "The Full Cupboard of Life," by Alexander McCall Smith; Jason Carrillo won a Vegas Seven electronic casino donated by Kevin Gallagher from American Family Insurance; Janet Jardes and Kim Young each won a voucher for one free Couple Dance Class courtesy of the Tonganoxie Recreation Commission; Kathleen Smith won a Inova microlight donated by Kansas Firearms Specialties; Caroline Trowbridge won a stainless steel travel mug donated by Kevin Gallagher from American Family Insurance; Donna Jean Fields won a selection of sauces and hats from Daniel's BBQ; Sheila Wogoman won three months of free high-speed Internet from Sunflower Broadband; Sherryl Cooley won gift certificates from Mom and Pop's for free ice cream sundaes; Rhonda McReynolds won a 2005 pocket calendar from First State Bank and Trust; Lori Vicory won Sabre self-defense spray donated by Kansas Firearms Specialties; Linda Hancock won an Edgemaker Pro knife sharpener also donated by Kansas Firearms Specialties; Melissa Norman won a brass wind spinner donated by Pelzl's Do-It-Best Hardware; and Howard Fields won a 2005 pocket calendar from First State Bank and Trust.

Iva Brassart completed all four trails, reading a total of 16 books for the program and subsequently won these four prizes: a $10 gift certificate from Village Floral and Gift, an Edgemaker Pro knife sharpener donated by Kansas Firearms Specialties, a tote bag donated by Kevin Gallagher from American Family Insurance and a 2005 pocket calendar from First State Bank and Trust.

I have posted a complete list of the books read by all of the participants, many with comments, on the Tonganoxie Public Library Web site (

Thank you to everyone for making this program a success and keep on reading.

Sharon Moreland,

Director, Tonganoxie Public Library.

Keep the right to filibuster

To the editor:

I am writing this letter to voice my concerns over the changes in process in the judicial appointments to the Supreme Court. The extreme right is trying to overturn the right to filibuster. It seems whatever Americans' personal differences are about the issues, all citizens could agree that we want fair and just people who are approved by a majority of the political figures we the citizens elect.

If the right to filibuster is destroyed then there is nothing holding back the extreme from appointing judges who support their causes before our constitution. If the right to filibuster is eliminated for the first time in history the president and his party would have ultimate power over all three branches of government. If you share many of Bush's views, maybe right now this sounds OK, but what what about if Clinton wanted to destroy that right?

If you couldn't support destroying the right to filibuster both brought to head by Bush or Clinton then it is clear you don't support it at all so I call out to the senators and citizens, now it is time to speak up. ... After all, the Supreme Court appointment is for life and the constitution is for the life of America. It will take 51 senators voting against this change to keep our right to filibuster. Cast your vote for what is just. Stand up!

Mijanou Cackler,


The economy

To the editor:

I think your cartoon in the March 23 issue misses the point; there is far more to an uncertain economy than the rising price of fuel.

At the top of the list is the Federal Reserve, an entity that most think is a government organization, but is actually privately owned., with much of the ownership being in other countries. The Fed creates money virtually out of thin air, then loans it at interest to the U.S. Treasury.

Other culprits are the exporting of our manufacturing jobs to other countries, some of them that exploit slave labor and the practice of our Congress sending out exorbitant amounts of our tax money to counties that hold us in very low regard.

Loyd Fight,


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