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City officials’ advice on liquor on target

April 27, 2005

What a reasonable suggestion.

At Monday night's Tonganoxie City Council meeting, local liquor store owner Corky Krouse asked the council to again start the ball rolling toward the approval of liquor sales on Sundays. Krouse told council members that he believes he's losing business to neighboring communities that have approved Sunday sales. And he asked Tonganoxie city mothers and fathers to approve an ordinance that would allow the sales here, too.

This isn't the first -- or even the second time -- Krouse has asked the city to approve such a measure. The first time, a protest petition was lodged, and the city and Krouse agreed not to pursue an expensive solution: a special election.

On Monday, city council members said they felt certain that a protest petition again would be lodged against Sunday liquor sales.

Mayor Dave Taylor said he'd like some measure of how much support there is within the community of Tonganoxie for a change in the city's laws governing liquor sales. And that apparently prompted Mike Yanez, Tonganoxie's new city administrator, to tell Krouse that he could petition the city to request an ordinance on Sunday sales. Yanez informed Krouse that petitions work both ways.

Krouse now appears poised to begin seeking the signatures of registered voters within city limits.

Regardless of which side of the liquor issue local residents fall on, it's encouraging that elected officials and city staff are wanting to gauge public opinion before heading off to hold an election. It's clear that opposition will surface. But is there enough support to warrant putting the issue on the ballot in a special election?

Only time -- and the number of signatures that Krouse is able to secure -- will give an indication.

The city council, mayor and city administrator acted correctly Monday night, as they directed Krouse to a solution to his problem.

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