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Arkansas Pondstockers fills fish orders, large and small

August 3, 2005

For Jody Chenoweth, visiting the Arkansas Pondstocker truck was a new experience.

"I'm not sure if they even take smaller orders or if I have to order a hundred," Chenoweth said.

Chenoweth patiently waited in line with the other customers, but it wasn't long before she found out that they would gladly fill her smaller order.

The Arkansas Pondstockers have been making rounds at Vet-Vax in Tonganoxie for nine years, and also visits 11 other towns in the Kansas area.

"We visit four different stores a day," said James Newcomb, an employee with the Arkansas Pondstockers. "For this area we sell a lot of grass carp and minnows."

The company prides itself on being a family owned and operated business that was established in 1992. Based out of Harrisburg, Ark., its goal "is to provide quality fish at reasonable prices with an emphasis on customer satisfaction."

To ensure customer satisfaction the company has a guarantee unlike most -- replacing any dead fish within 30 days. Although most companies require customers to return the dead fish, Arkansas Pondstockers does not.

In addition, the pondstockers gladly make recommendations to try to meet any customer's need. They sell small quantities of fish but are more than happy to take large orders and will make accommodations to have them delivered.

Their six trucks deliver to 13 states from February to June and September to December. Rounds to each area are made every three weeks. They also have two trucks that make special deliveries.

"I gave myself a paid day off to come up here," long-time customer Bill Fish said. "I have no time to shop around so when they come, I come."

Fish visits the Arkansas Pondstockers once a year.

"I keep throwing fish in my pond every year," Fish said. "It helps." This year Fish went home with 100 fish -- 50 bass and 50 catfish for his acre pond.

"My wife enjoys them, they are fun to catch and I've never had any problems," Fish said. "They are more pets than anything else. It is a catch and release pond."

Co-owner Susan Denton said "Kansas is about as far north as we go. On the east coast we go to about the Carolinas, and go as far south as Florida and Georgia. We hit some of south Texas as well."

Denton said that business is good in Tonganoxie.

"We consistently get a lot of small orders from the Tonganoxie area, but also have a lot of customers.," Denton said.

Fish is happy that the company continues to make their trips to the area. "I look forward to coming up here."

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