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Remember when: A community review

August 17, 2005

10 years ago: Aug. 2, 1995

Lohman family holds reunion: The descendants of August Jacob Daniel Lohman and Frederika Carolina S. Gropengieszer gathered together July 15 at the home of Terry and Karol Lohman, Jarbalo, for the 14th annual family reunion and potluck supper.

Deaths: Jane E. Barmann, 34, passed away July 21 at an Excelsior Springs, Mo., health care center; Harvey Lee Smith, 80, Grove, Okla., died July 27 in Kansas City, Mo.

Births: Kathy and Bill Baragary, Tonganoxie, announce the birth of a daughter, Jody Emily July 20; Joseph and Leanne Peel announce the birth of a son, Joseph David Peel, July 17, 1995.

Jarbalo Jottings: Frances and Bud Dougherty attended a Blaser family reunion at the George Meyn Memorial Building at Wyandotte County Park, July 29, 1995.

(Picture) Cynthia Carver has completed an eight-week summer dance program at University of Missouri, Kansas City. Only 35 students were accepted into the program. Carver, 17, was the youngest student in the program.

25 years ago: July 30, 1980

Troop 357 Eagle Scout Court of Honor: Pictured were Kevin Lenahan, John Williams, Scott Stafford, Randy Finch and Robert Kissinger, who were to receive their honors at a special Eagle Scout of Honor ceremony on Aug. 3. These Scouts joined the roll of six other Eagle Scouts from Troop 357 since its inception seven years ago.

Deaths: Robert Alexander Kidd, 81, Monterey Park, a native of Tonganoxie, died Sunday; Alfred M. Allison, 77, Linwood, died July 22, 1980.

Birth: Dennis and Elaine Schuler announce the birth of a son, Brian Preston, July 2, 1980; Mr. and Mrs. William D. Cunningham announce the birth of a daughter, Sarah Elizabeth, July 25; Mr. and Mrs. Craig Thornton announce the birth of a son, Cody Adam, June 13; Mr. and Mrs. David M. Price announce the birth of a daughter, Rebekah Jean, July 16; Herbert and Sarah Kettler announce the birth of a daughter, Jill Megan, July 21, 1980.

Editorial Comments by W.N.: Now we have a mural on the west side of the Ratliff Drug Store. Will Ridgway, long dead, has come to life on a mud street in the business district in a 1900 artistic version. We recall when Tonganoxie strung criss-cross Christmas lights through the business district about 1930. People drove from everywhere to see the Tonga Electric Lights, which was a new thing. Now they can come to see the Tonganoxie Memorial on U.S. 24-40, or the mural in the main Tonganoxie intersection.

50 years ago: Aug. 18, 1955

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Vestal announce the birth of a son, Larry Dean, Aug. 4; Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Van Dyke announce the birth of a son, John Richard, Aug. 14, 1955.

Death: Marshall Luther Voyles passed away Aug. 7, 1955, at his home in Wichita. Mr. Voyles is a brother of Mrs. J.B. Vollintine.

Basehor: Mr. and Mrs. Edward Eberth announce the birth of a girl Aug. 10. They have chosen the name Victoria Lynn.

Linwood: Mr. and Mrs. Pete Johnson announce the birth of a son, Robert Keith, Aug. 4, 1955.

School will start soon and it says here the cost of school books is higher. An eighth-grader, if he buys all new books, will need about $25 worth, plus tablets, pencils, etc.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Dale R. Oakson announce the birth of a son, Douglas Allen, Aug. 16; Mr. and Mrs. William J. Barton are the parents of a son born Aug. 15, 1955. He has been given the name William J. Jr.; Mr. and Mrs. Edward Fette announce the birth of their son, David Ray, on Aug. 15, 1955.

75 years ago: July 24, 1930

C.H. Cain has installed a new back bar to his soda fountain, which is very attractive. Makes a very up-to-date fountain and provides more room than the old one.

Mrs. Chauncey Angell entertained Monday, July 21, with a party in honor of her son, Jack's seventh birthday. The guests were 24 little school mates of Jack's. Games were played and refreshments served by their hostess, after which all departed wishing Jack many more happy birthdays.

Friendship Valley: Mr. and Mrs. Bob Mills are the parents of a baby boy born Sunday, July 20, 1930.

Mr. and Mrs. Lucan Toyne, who live three miles southeast of Tonganoxie, announce the birth of a son, Monday, July 7, to whom they have given the name Sidney Alfred. This is the sixth child of Mr. and Mrs. Toyne.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Donham of Bucyrus, announce the birth of a nine-pound boy last week. Mrs. Donham was formerly Miss Frances White of this place.

F.A. McRill threshed out his grain at home on Thursday.

S. Haas Sr. suffered a stroke at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Walter Denholm last Saturday. His condition is reported as unimproved.

100 years ago: Aug. 3, 1905

The biggest churning of the season was made at the Creamery Thursday. The amount of butter produced on that day was 1,635 pounds.

The canning factory will be ready for operation some time the middle of next week. (People were warned the factory had to tune the chimes on the whistle, which had three different notes, so some might be out of tune.)

Liquor selling is conducted on the nomadic plan. There is no fixed place for selling. The booze is distributed by bootleggers.

Stanwood: Born, to Oscar Tingle and wife, Sunday the 30th a girl.

The editor of the Easton Herald has concluded that he must have some way to make a living, so has suspended the publication of his paper.

(Paraphrased): The Leavenworth Times Tuesday had a story about Link Stafford, former Tonganoxie boy, told by his neighbors. He had a cow who'd lost her tail due supposedly to the depredation of a drove of rats that infested his barn. Several months ago he'd lost a large stallion but had saved the animal's tail. This Stafford has attached to the stump of the cow's caudal appendage with silver wires, and she can now brush a fly from her nose nine times out of 10.

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