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Voices on the street

August 17, 2005

Editor's note: The Mirror's news editor, Lisa Scheller, posed the question of "What do you think of the proposed site for a new Tonganoxie post office near the county annex" to area residents collecting their mail at the Tonganoxie Post Office.

Marilyn Thompson
I'm not too happy about it, not for my sake but for the seniors who don't drive, that have to walk to the post office and how are they going to get to the post office now if they don't have a shuttle or a way to get them there when they have to go. It doesn't bother me because it's closer to where I live but a lot of these people down here just can't get there, so somebody's going to have to take them to the post office. They could build that one and leave this one as a branch.

Vivian Hughes
For me, it's convenient right here. But for parking, it would be much handier with more parking available. It's very handy to have it in the business district because they do a big percent of the business at the post office. So yes business wise it is better, but parking wise it's sometimes inconvenient.

Kevin Weldon
I think it's a good idea for the location for the simple reason it won't clog up downtown.

Grant Ritchey
I wish they could keep the post office closer to downtown. It's an important meeting place for the people. I understand that space is a problem, and so something has to be done, but I would encourage them to find a solution downtown.

Marie DeMaranville
I'd really like to see it stay downtown for the elderly people, but the parking is so bad down here too. If they can get to it (the proposed site) without going on the highway, that I think would probably be the best bet.

Dave Hernandez
I think the post office should stay on Fourth Street in order to keep the downtown viable. I think there's some available land east of town and the road's being improved.

Pam Lamb
If they move it to Laming Road it will be closer to where we live so it actually will be more convenient for us.

Darla Parker
I like the idea of the post office being in town. Like Bonner Springs, a lot of their businesses left the main part of town and that part of the town has kind of died. I like the idea of it being lively here and that's one of the attractions here in a small town.

Helen Reed
If you move it out to where you want to move it it's going to be a disadvantage for lots of people who walk down after their mail. People are going to have to have somebody drive them out there. Either Fourth Street location would be, I think, better for the people. The proposed site is too far out on Laming Road.

George Flowers
It wouldn't really make any difference to me, but I kind of think the east Fourth Street location would be good. I kind of thought that was number one as far as I was concerned and I think it is with a lot of people. And it's still close enough downtown they would have to come through here.

Jim Rogers
I look at it that the location wasn't too good of a choice, but you've got to put it somewhere. I think that the East Fourth Street location is in a flood area. ... If I had to pick out the place for the post office, it would be by the Stack and Stuff storage place (on County Road 9).

Barry Hoffman
I'd only heard one time before that they were proposing it and frankly I don't have a problem with it. I would suspect it would be a good location, it's a built up area out there and it seems that it would be good. This one here is a little cramped, the parking's not adequate, that type of thing -- so I'd support it.

Anna Ancil
I live just outside of town on County Road 9. So for me this would be perfect. If I need to hit the post office and drop something off it's right on the way to work and the same thing on the way home -- I won't have to drive downtown.

Ken Galyean
It should be downtown -- that's a heavy commercial development out there (by the county annex), it doesn't have any business being out there.

Cindy Foster
A larger post office would be nice, but I like the downtown location. It's nice having everything right here, accessible. But progress is progress, so I guess it's inevitable that it does change.

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