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Remember when: A community review

December 21, 2005

10 years ago: Dec. 6, 1995

Birth: Dean and Barbara Jepson announce the birth of a daughter, Sarah Elizabeth Jepson, born Nov. 29, 1995.

On Saturday, Dec. 3, local auctioneer John Shoemaker auctioned off items that were left in the old Ratliff Drug Store at Fourth and Bury. Among the items was an old-style soda machine.

Dr. John Styth Pemberton, Atlanta, Ga., produced a syrup for a new soft drink in 1886. He brewed the syrup in a pot in his backyard. He then took it to Jacob's Pharmacy, and it sold for 5 cents a glass. Then, and now, the drink is called Coca-Cola, a name coined by Frank Robinson, Dr. Pemberton's business partner. Mr. Robinson was responsible for the beautiful script of the logo. During the 1930s the company began using ads featuring Santa Claus that were drawn by artist Haddon Sundblom. He was a self-taught artist and had been a construction worker. When his model died, Mr. Sundblom continued the beautiful ads, featuring himself as a model. (From a speech by Billie Aye for Watkins Museum, in Lawrence.)

Holiday shoppers on the Country Club Plaza were serenaded Friday evening by the Tonganoxie Chieftain Singers. The students also sang at the local Christmas tree-lighting ceremony.

25 years ago: Dec. 3, 1980

Rodney and Jimmy Denholm received a little help from John Evans last Sunday, as they put the finishing touches on the manger scene in front of the First Congregational Church. While the adults and older children put up the display, younger children were busy making Advent wreaths in the basement of the church.

Capt. Pete McMillon retired recently after completing 40 years of a flying career.

Stacy Seely, a member of Goal Rushers 4-H Club left on Friday, Nov. 28, 1980, for a weeklong trip to the National 4-H Congress in Chicago. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold B. Seely and one of 40 delegates from Kansas selected to attend the 4-H Congress and was chosen state winner in the sheep award program.

Velma and Herbert Pearson displayed some king-size turnips grown in their garden. The turnips weighed 4 1/2 and 5 pounds and were the largest most people could ever remember seeing.

Deaths: Mrs. Bonnie Raney, RR1, Linwood, died Nov. 26, 1980. Mrs. Raney was born Aug. 8, 1924, in Stark, and had lived in Linwood for 22 years. James Bernard Curry died suddenly at his home Tuesday morning, Dec. 2, in Topeka.

Births: Andy, Margie and Amanda Gilner announce the birth of a son and brother, Michael Presley, born Nov. 26, 1980. Harold and Kathleen Turner, of Linwood, announce the birth of a daughter, Jessica Marie, on Nov. 18, 1980. Bob and Debbie Alexander announce the birth of a son, Jeffrey Allen, on Nov. 15, 1980.

Linwood News: Mrs. Cheryl Wilhite, Eudora, Jeff Cokely and Keith Cokely, Linwood, are hosting a silver anniversary open house at the Linwood Community Building, Saturday, Dec. 13, 2-4 p.m. for their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Cokely, Linwood. Everyone is welcome.

50 years ago: Dec. 22, 1955

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Kistler of Mission will observe their 50th wedding anniversary Dec. 24.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Carl Kraus are the parents of a son born Dec. 18, 1955. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Slawson announce the birth of a daughter on Dec. 21, 1955. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Black of Kansas City, Kan., announce the birth of a son, David Alan on Dec. 8, 1955.

Deaths: Michael Joseph Heenan, 66, Kansas City, Mo., died Sunday. Emory Kemler, professor of mechanical engineering and head of the machine design and instrumentation department at the University of Minnesota, died of a heart attack Dec. 13, 1955. Lee Onzelworth Baker, 81, died Friday at the home of a daughter, Mrs. Corrine Sykes, in Kansas City, Mo. Charles R. (Hack) McEnulty, Tonganoxie, passed away Dec. 20, 1955, at the age of 55 years. Mrs. Grace Duncanson, Tonganoxie, passed away Dec. 22, 1955, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Noel Cook, in Tonganoxie. Mrs. Minnie Baker, 81, widow of William Baker of Fairmount, died Saturday morning at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Henry Wenzel, Lansing.

75 years ago: Nov. 27, 1930

State Lake Job To Kansas City Firm. L.C. Botsford's Bid $103,215. New State Lake Will Be Located Near Tonganoxie; Two Other Projects Authorized. (From Topeka Capital, Nov. 26.) The contract for construction of a dam for the state lake at Tonganoxie was awarded yesterday to J.C. Botsford, Kansas City, Mo. Work will begin as soon as weather conditions permit and rushed to completion. When completed the dam will impound about 265 acres of water, and will be the largest artificial lake in Kansas, second only to the Cheyenne Bottoms lake, which is natural and varies in size according to the rainfall.

Mrs. Herman A. Cook, wife of a former M.E. minister in Tonganoxie, who left here about six years ago, died Oct. 26, in East Milford, Conn., where Reverend Cook has been located for several years.

The bids for the construction of a caretaker's residence at the state park was not let in Topeka Tuesday, on account of all bids submitted being considered too high by the commission. This is to be built on a high promontory, on the east side of the lake, at a point where a view of the whole park may be secured.

Wednesday afternoon at 2:30, a fine Thanksgiving program will be given at Friendship Valley School house. Pilgrims, Indians, and just boys and girls will take us back to that first Thanksgiving many years ago. Let's all be there.

100 years ago: Dec. 7, 1905

The Gold Standard Sewing Circle will meet at the home of Rev. Mrs. A. Simms. Friday afternoon, Dec. 8, 1905.

Obituary: Martha J. Way died on the 24th of November 1905, at her home three miles northwest of Jarbalo. Martha J. Carver was born in Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia, April 21, 1837.

Louis Leidy got back from the Philippine Islands Tuesday evening, his term of enlistment in the Sixth Infantry band having expired just about the time he landed at San Francisco. The trip across the Pacific took 41 days. Louis does not yet know what he will do. He will not re-enlist.

The ground is frozen about eight inches deep on Fourth street.

A boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. John Carpenter in the east part of town, Saturday morning.

The Kansas City street car conductor who put a cigarette fiend off his car when he refused to quit smoking, deserves an extra nice Christmas present. If there is anything disgusting it is the fellow who gets on a public conveyance with a lighted cigarette or a 40-year-old pipe.

King George of Greece buys his wife a new gown every day. Wonder what he has been caught at.

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