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Letter to the editor: No turnpike interchange

December 28, 2005

No turnpike interchange

To the editor:

I understand that the government may have the legal right to take someone's property. However, having the right to do something does not mean it is the right thing to do.

This imminent domain and/or arbitrary decisions by local government to take our land and homes are not right. I think the supporters of the KTA interchange and improvement of County Road 1 have not told the whole story.

How do you people (city and county commissioners) think you will be able to take care of a super-two or four-lane road on County Road 1? You cannot take care of the existing roads.

As far as we know, the existing figures do not include the cost of acquiring the land and homes to build this road. When will the taxpayers see these figures?

You need to start thinking and take care of Leavenworth County taxpaying citizens and stop worrying about the people who might move here. This building needs to slow down and stop sprawling in to the country. It does not help lower taxes. It raises them every year.

We the people who live out in the country are still very important to the city of Tonganoxie. We spend a lot of money in many different ways (gasoline, groceries, doctor, dentist, banking, vet, flowers, insurance, etc.), plus we pay personal property and real estate taxes.

I work in Lawrence but I still try to spend our money in Tonganoxie as much as possible. Seems to be an abundance of people in Leavenworth County who think they need to come up with new ways to spend taxpayers' dollars in order to justify their own jobs.

Citizens of Leavenworth County: Please pay close attention. Your home or farm may be next. A project of this dollar amount should be voted on. Please ask that this be put to a countywide vote. And get in touch with our county commissioners and ask them to vote no on the turnpike interchange.

Deborah K. Skeet,
Rural Leavenworth County.

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