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Letter to the editor: Let the sales tax expire

February 9, 2005

The Justice Center is built and paid for. Give the people a little break and let the 1 percent sales tax die.

We no more need a new turnpike interchange than Tonganoxie needs a 100-story skyscraper downtown. Because the politicians want it is almost a sure clue it's not needed.

They just can't bear taking back a tax. It seems once they get in office the almighty dollar becomes their God. We can't even keep our roads graded and rocked properly, but they want to spend millions of dollars on another government boondoggle.

To a related story. We're told the county doesn't have enough money. Strange the "elected" county clerk can get a $12,000 raise. The "elected" register of deeds can get a $7,000 raise. Why?

The ruse about keeping up with other county pay scales seems like an excuse for skimming more from the taxpayers. Even the commissioners think they need a 5.2 percent raise. They now get $43,570 a year for a job that should only get a small stipend, maybe $500 a year, and mileage for driving to the meetings.

They have no right to that money. They are suppose to serve "us" not vice-versa!

By the way, how big a raise did the clerks and secretaries, the road maintenance crews, the deputies get? The people who actually do the work!

Giving "elected officials" raises like this is something you would expect in corrupt cities like Chicago and Washington, D.C., not Leavenworth County!

Taxes are going through the roof. Our property taxes are up 75 percent in seven years, even more for others. And who knows how much more next year with the school bond, and the completely unnecessary raises in school spending our so-called Supreme Court has mandated.

Please tell these "elected officials" to quit wasting our money and vote "NO" on the sales tax in April!

Robert E. Dally,

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