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Weatherfords win annual first-baby contest

January 12, 2005

Bill and Karlye Weatherford were in a familiar location.

Bill, a Tonganoxie physician, and Karlye, a nurse, aren't strangers to hospitals. But on Jan. 3, they weren't treating ailments.

Early that evening, they became proud parents -- for the second time.

Caleb Daniel Weatherford was born at 5:58 p.m. at Olathe Medical Center. He weighed 8 pounds, 11 ounces and was 21 inches long.

The birth marked the first of the year for the Tonganoxie area, as Caleb was named winner of The Mirror's First Baby of the New Year Contest. The family will receive prizes from The Mirror and a number of other sponsors.

Caleb's brother, William, who is almost 2, was excited to have a younger sibling.

Despite various sonograms, the medical couple wasn't sure until the baby was delivered whether William would have a brother or a sister.

"Two were boys, two were girls," Karlye said of the sonograms. "We brought all pink outfits to the hospital. Bill made a rush trip to Babies 'R' Us."

Ann Smith, Karlye's doctor for whom Karlye also is a nurse, induced labor because of the impending snowstorm. Karlye was sent home less than 24 hours after Caleb was born.

"Obviously she knew I was going to get great care at home," Karlye said.

That she did. Bill made dinner for her on several occasions and even brought her breakfast in bed one morning.

"I probably got a lot more attentive care here than I would have at the hospital," Karlye said with a laugh.

Multi-tasking has been Bill's forte as of late.

One day, when Karlye returned from the grocery store, she found Bill in front of the television -- Caleb in one arm and the other busy helping operate an X-Box controller.

"Whatever works," Karlye said. "We'll probably have all little boys who are involved with computers and X-Box systems."

Bill likely will have more opportunities to cradle a child while playing a video game.

Karlye said they plan to have more children. After all, Bill is the oldest of 10 children.

"People ask us all the time if we're going to have 10," Karlye said. "I don't know about 10, but at least a couple more."

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