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House advances bill to help Fort Leavenworth school district

January 26, 2005

School districts serving Fort Leavenworth and Fort Riley would get a break under legislation that received preliminary approval today in the House.

The bill would allow school districts who receive an influx of children from military families through the school year, to take a second official enrollment count in order to get increased school funding.

"This is very important to our communities that surround our military installations," state Rep. Candy Ruff, D-Leavenworth, said.

The bill allows school districts that experience an increase of 25 students, or one percent of student population, because of new military dependents, to have a second enrollment count on Feb. 20. Currently, the official enrollment count for purposes of drawing down state funds is Sept. 20.

The measure, House Bill 2059, was advanced on a voice vote.

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