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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

July 13, 2005

I once had this small problem window to curtain.

Now-a-days they probably would have used a decorative frosted pane of glass and a picture-frame type of frame around it and it would be beautiful and no problem treating.

However, I always seemed to wind up in the fabrics (still do) where I saw this eye-catching, crisp colorful fabric made up of stripes.

One strip as you looked across its width was floral band on each side of the floral stripe like a tiny little rick-rack edging, then a plain white stripe to separate it from the next stripe that complemented the edging of the previous with space enough for me to cut between them.

I could either turn under the tiny edge and hem it or just zigzag its edge to then ruffle and create my own new ruffle to match a companion piece of tiny dotted Swiss fabric.

The final product, the curtain all finished had a band of a heavier stripe just turned under once and top-stitched on at the base of the ruffled valence and along the hem line of the lower plain panel.

Then, along the edge of the ruffle of the valence was the little floral stripe, one edge turned under and attached to the edge of the valance, the other edge trimmed to finish. It was a very inexpensive window treatment for which I received many compliments and had so much fun creating. True, it was a time-consuming , but don't we have lots more time than we have dollars at times. Then there's that special thrill in creating our own.

Let your imagination go, have fun and enjoy the kids this summer.

Travel is not so good these days. Today's pressures pile up, so just plan a picnic in the backyard, and play games. The kids will remember more anyway.

-- Aunt Norie P.O. Box 265; Tonganoxie 66086;

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