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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

July 20, 2005

This apron makes the cutest sun-bonnet when buttoned up with the sash tying under the chin, or a sturdy little clothes pin bag, or just an apron with roomy pockets for carrying whatever.

A little lady made this one (which I purchased at a craft sale and she asked me not to use her name).

Now if I can explain my sketch so that you can follow me -- we'll try. Cut one piece the full size of apron and pocket together. Now cut three pocket sections. One of these is used to line the lower or pocket section of the apron

Then sew the two remaining pocket pieces (right sides together). Along the top edge and turn and press.

Stitch a center line down the center front stitching the pocket to the apron. Now finish the edges all around.

Note here that she has sewn rickrack into all of them, optional of course, (you could use a ruffle also, cute when you button it into a bonnet). Make two buttonholes and hem the sash or tie and open it onto the apron. Sew two buttons on to the waistband at the sash.

I've called it an apron all the way through and it is that -- but it becomes an adorable little sunbonnet in a flash when you pull the waist band button underneath and button and button up through the buttonhole.

To make different sizes measure across the back of your (or your little girls) head from ear to ear -- that's the length of the completed waistband from button to button. Now measure from center back of that line to a point approximately 3 to 4 inches out over your forehead, or to where you want the bonnet brim to end.

You will have four layers in the pocket which make a nice firm brim. If you are using a sheer or softer fabric you may want to use some pellon or other stiffening in the brim.

This would make a gift for that friend who seems to have everything, or perhaps you also enjoy making and selling crafts as she does.

Until next week, God Bless you and yours

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