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Letter to the editor: Views about post office

July 20, 2005

Views about post office
To the editor:

Tonganoxie is growing and expanding. It isn't the small town it used to be with its concentration on downtown.

The current location of the post office can get very congested and even dangerous. People who have parked across the street have to cross the road in order to use the post office. Drivers have to use extreme caution arriving and leaving the post office.

With the town growing the way it is, why try to keep the congestion close to downtown? I say move the post office out where it has more room and the traffic has more room.

The 2.042 acres at the southeast corner of Laming Road and Woodfield Drive, north of the county annex, is an ideal location for the new post office. It is the largest site of the four sites chosen and it has the best accessibility. Residents of Tonganoxie, young and old, will find the location very convenient. It still is close to banks and the grocery store as well as other businesses. It also is where the city is very rapidly expanding. For example, new subdivisions -- South Park, Fall Creek, Stonecreek Estates, Jackson Heights and the new Sundance Apartments -- are being built near the potential site. Of the developments, two are built especially for people who are 55 and older. Again, it's a very convenient location.

I think Tonganoxie has outgrown the downtown area. Sure, it's nice for that "small town appeal," but Tonganoxie is more than just a small town now. We need to make room for bigger and better things to come. All anyone would have to do is look for the Tonganoxie water tower and they will have found our brand new post office.

Fran Hill,

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