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Community band’s concert a must-see

June 1, 2005

Call it a labor of love. Call it giving back to the community. Call it simply having fun.

Once again, the Tonganoxie Community Band is practicing Tuesday nights, in preparation for a concert on June 28 in VFW Park.

This group of teenagers -- and folks for whom high school graduation is a distant memory -- join together once a week to play music, all under the direction of the unstoppable Charles "Mr. Van" VanMiddlesworth III.

What would compel these area residents to give up their Tuesday nights, just to play in a band. It's likely the answer for each of the band's members is different. But it's also likely that a common thread runs through those answers.

It's likely that the area residents who played in high school bands as many as 30 or 40 years ago simply want to recapture some of the camaraderie that comes with making music as a group. Playing in a high school band can be rewarding.

And while these weekly musical warriors will be giving all of us who gather in the park on June 28 a gift, they, too, will benefit from their Tuesday night labors of love.

In addition, most of the band members also will say that the opportunity to work with the energetic and enthusiastic Mr. Van is a delightful experience. He clearly loves music. And he clearly loves people who love music.

We're fortunate in Tonganoxie to have Mr. Van and his band of summer music-makers. Be sure to mark your calendars for June 28 so you, too, can enjoy the fruits of their labors of love.

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