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Our view: County commission a formidable force

June 8, 2005

When state officials last week moved sexual predator Leroy Hendricks to a home in southwestern Leavenworth County, apparently they weren't prepared for the Leavenworth County Commission.

And while commissioners were surprised by Hendricks' move to the county, they wasted little time in making it clear they weren't interested in seeing him stay in the county. Commissioners, saying they didn't want Leavenworth County to become a dumping ground, went to court and obtained a restraining order against the group home, where Hendricks had been moved.

The commission argued that no special-use permit had been secured for the home and, therefore, it was in violation of county laws.

The commission won this round.

And it appears commissioners hold the cards to win upcoming rounds because they have the power to grant special-use permits.

While the question of whether Hendricks, at age 70, still poses a danger to children is up for debate, the county commission was correct in seeking court action.

It must be remembered that it isn't just Hendricks who would be living at the group home. If it were established, he would be joined by other aging sexual predators. And, surely, more would follow when these predators died.

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