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Aunt Norie’s sewing room

June 22, 2005

By Eleanor McKee

Time seems to fly faster and faster with each generation.

Belle Campbell recalls how she used to go to her grandmother's farm each year after school let out to help her with spring cleaning. Of course, there was no electricity and when they were finished she always used to get to pick out from a stack of pretty printed feed sack squares her choice and grandma would make her a new dress.

"I remember one in particular -- it had bluebirds on it and she made me a circular, twirly skirt," Campbell said.

They would begin their cleaning with the living room, the heating stove had to come down and be stored in the shed until next year. The round flat piece of metal that was used to cover the chimney hole after the stove was removed had a pretty picture painted on it.

Beds were taken apart and the bedding, comforters and feather beds were hung across the outside clotheslines to "air" while the rooms were cleaned.

The straw ticks (bags of straw), which were used under the feather beds, were taken to the barn where the old straw was emptied out. The ticking was washed (on the washboard) air dried and refilled with fresh straw.

Carpets were taken up and dragged outside, hung on the line and the dust was shaken and whipped out with the aid of a carpet beater. The windows were smeared with BonAmi and rubbed to a gloss.

"That seem like such a short time ago," Campbell said. "It sometimes frightens me at how fast things are moving. I'm sure it also gives all of us some concern."

Take for example: Edna Wilper, the dear little lady we lost recently, who had ridden in a covered wagon and flown the fastest jets. Time never was known for standing still.

-- Aunt Norie, P.O. Box 265, Tonganoxie 66086,

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