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Letter to the editor: The role of public schools

June 22, 2005

To the editor:

Public schools are a form of glue for neighborhoods and small communities.

Once schools are closed so goes the community, the local grocery store, gas station, auto repair shop, grain elevators, maybe a small newspaper and jobs, jobs, jobs. Public schools can hold all of this together.

Public schools are a very social gathering point and provide good jobs for communities. The current public school financial situation puts all small towns at risk. Kansas does not need more ghost towns.

Rural public school districts have always received much more money per student than the larger metropolitan districts. This was done in order to attract teachers and administrators to farming communities. No one complained until now that money is short. Your small public school is at risk as the larger metropolitan areas have closed some neighborhood schools -- believe me, neighborhoods are NOT happy.

Richard Heckler,


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