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Car high centers on Granite Street rock

June 29, 2005

It only could happen on Granite Street.

Friday afternoon, a car wound up perched atop a McLouth landmark.

Locals know to drive around a 2-foot-tall and about 8-foot-round granite rock that's in the middle of Granite Street just north of Lucy Street.

But every now and then, someone drives by who's just not watching out for the boulder-sized rock.

Sue Stauch, who lives in McLouth, was dropping her grandchildren off at the home of her son, Tim Stauch, who lives near the rock, when she heard a crash.

"We heard a loud bang," Stauch said. "We turned around and there she was just kind of rocking."

The driver, whom Stauch said did not live in McLouth, wasn't hurt.

"But she was a little shaken," said Stauch, who works at Tonganoxie Nursing Center, "We gave her some lemonade. She sat down and waited for the tow truck."

The driver, Stauch said, had been traveling south.

By the time the tow truck arrived, she was feeling better, and even joking, Stauch said.

"She said, 'Who would put a rock in the middle of the road,'" Stauch said.

Debbie Hansen, McLouth's assistant city clerk for the past five and a half years, said this was only the second time she could recall someone landing on the rock.

Though she didn't know when the town decided to pave around the boulder, Hansen said she'd been told that at one time, an attempt was made to remove the rock.

"But it was too big, and it just stayed," Hansen said.

She noted the rock doesn't seem as tall as it used to.

"It (the road) has been paved around it a lot," Hansen said, explaining that's made the rock seem smaller.

"It's kind of weird to have to drive around it, but it is kind of funny, too," Hansen said. "It's one of those things that is unique."

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