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Letters to the editor: Post office move, Library conversion

June 29, 2005

To the editor:

I recently moved back to Florida, but keep in touch with the news of Tonganoxie via the Internet. I graduated from Tonganoxie High and lived around there for quite some time and am familiar with the area. I read the story about the post office needing a new location, and it is my hope that it can be kept as close to downtown as possible.

When I was still there, I know the downtown merchants were told that they would be supported so the downtown would remain and survive. If the post office is moved too far away from the downtown, it will only help to further kill off the downtown. The post office has always been "The Main Hub" of the downtown area.

People go to pick up their mail, catch up on the news with their friends and then go to the pharmacy, the insurance office, go to eat, do some laundry, and maybe go to the florists to send some flowers. Don't "let down" your downtown. If you move the post office too far away from the downtown, Tonganoxie will lose more of its small-town charm and will just have another downtown that "was."

Belinda Loboda,
DeLand, Fla.


To the editor:

I would like to thank the 27 individuals who worked hard all day putting new barcodes on almost every item in the Library on Friday, June 17.

Special thanks go to staff members Sherryl Cooley, Rhonda McReynolds and Linda Hancock for their continued hard work, enthusiasm and support during this long migration process. Along with staff, we had help from the community, the board, the Friends of the Library, Atchison and Bonner Springs libraries, the recreation commission and the Northeast Kansas Library System. Thank you Betty Nelson, Rachel Cain, Spencer Seman, Ben Higbee, Jim Morey, Preston Morey, Nichole Cox, Rex Hancock, Kelly Frye, Abigail Frye, Daniel Frye, Alyssa Cruickshank, Courtney Cruickshank, Paula Bollinger, Cheryl Sylvester, Mary Domann, Phyllis Fuhrman, Claudia Bosshamer-Bilimek, Carolyn Little, Laura DeBaun, Diana Weaver, Liz Rea, Kimberly Beets and Kathleen Schram.

We couldn't have done it without you.

Sharon Moreland,
Director, Tonganoxie Public Library.

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