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March 30, 2005

Laura, due to take a long bus trip, knowing she'd be sleeping for a while, came up with a neat little hide away pocket for valuables, credit cards, cash, etc.

She made a pocket using regular lining fabric. It is strong, thin -- no bulk to it. She made an envelope-type pocket. Then sewed it to the inside of a double-knit pair of slacks inside of the waistband. The knit slacks would be comfortable for sleeping also.

To make the pocket she cut a 14-by-5-inch strip with the pinking shears. So it would not ravel, you could zig-zag the edges.

Then she folded the bottom end, four inches up and over to create a pocket four inches deep, then sewed the side seams of the pocket. Then she rounded the top corners off the top flap, folded it down over the pocket, attached strips of Velcro to fasten it. You could also use safety pins to close it. You never know when you may need a safety pin as you travel.

She attached the pocket by stitching across the pocket just under the top flap and onto the inside of the slacks waist band. "I stitched that seam securely with the sewing machine. I didn't want it to ever come loose," she said. "That pocket worked so well I've done several more over the years. I don't carry everything in my purse that way."

Great idea with all of the purse-snatching going on these days. Thanks for sharing with us.

Quoting Dorothy Leeds: "People who are most successful in life do not get to the top because of what happens to them; they get to the top because of how they react to what happens to them."

Hug the kids now and really listen to their chatter. God bless.

-- Aunt Norie, P.O. Box 265, Tonganoxie 66086;

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