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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

May 4, 2005

I promised a young lady the other day that I would put this in my column. She clips them out and she said "I understand, I think, what you're saying, but if I have it written down and can follow it step by step..."

With budgets so tight and prices going up we have to pinch and save where we can. Her job requires she dress neatly. Her jacket fits but the skirt needs letting out at the hips and waistline. If I could let it out even an inch it would be great. The zipper is in the center back and she has two small darts in the back. (It's best to leave them in if you can.)

If you have only the side seams and darts, it sounds like this is all she has to use. However, it may be just enough. You can add tape to extend the seam allowance using small stitches. Many times you create a stronger, firmer edge than the original.

The amount you can let out will be determined by the width of the seam allowances, the number of darts you may be able to release some from, maybe a box pleat that comes up to the waistline. Most of those seam allowances (if they're not surged) will have 5/8 of an inch in them. Measure them to be sure before you start.

You usually will have to remove the waistband and maybe even extend it. You may take just enough from a pleat or the back of the hem, using a scrap or small piece for that. Use a matching or near matching bit of other fabric as it will probably never show, as most of it will be covered by the button.

You can lengthen a hem in the same manner. Press the edge of the old hem out nice and straight, then add a matching hem lace or tape in the same way to the very edge and turn up just the lace or tape for the new hem. This works only if your fabric is of medium weight, not on sheer fabrics.

Remember garage sales are in full swing again. Find delightful things to add to your wardrobe. I always look at a garment and think of different ways I may want to use the fabric.

Until next week, bye and God bless.

-- Aunt Norie, P.O. Box 265, Tonganoxie, 66086.

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