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Best wishes to all new THS graduates

May 18, 2005

They're on their way.

And we wish them all the best.

On Saturday, Tonganoxie High School graduated members of the Class of 2005 in ceremonies at Beatty Field.

And now, these graduates "go out into the world." And we hope they are able to accomplish all they set out to.

This is an exciting time in new graduates' lives. It's also a somewhat intimidating time, as relatives and friends ask the question: "What are you going to do now?"

The best answer, it would seem, is something along the lines of "my best." Isn't that all we can ask of or hope for one another? That we do our best as often as possible?

Although that might seem like an over-simplification of life, it really is a tall order -- to do our best as often as possible.

Many times, we look for the quick and easy path around the bumps in life's road. But doing our best isn't a sentence to a hard, unhappy life. It is an opportunity for great rewards, for a great sense of pride and for making a great contribution to the world.

So while we wish the Class of 2005 all of our best, we also hope that they will do their best.

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