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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

May 25, 2005

Jeans, jeans and more jeans! Was there ever a more favorite garment? In today's world mom, dad, the kids, even grandma and granddad wear and enjoy their jeans. Not too many years ago jeans were worn only by the men and boys and were made from the rugged, old denim fabric. What a shame, I've always thought that those pioneer women, in their long skirts with layers of petticoats, couldn't have worn jeans and bib overalls.

That jean style that is cut so easy and comfortable to wear is now found in so many fabrics, and is even moving into eveningwear. One young lady commented recently about the ever-changing leg style. It seems there's a new style every day, like the flared or bell bottom. She is not pleased with the fullness on the inside seam and notes, "That fullness nearly trips me." And she's not the first to complain.

One can easily eliminate that inside flare while leaving it on the outside leg seam by turning the garment wrong side out. Then I use a yardstick and place it along the inside seam from the crotch to the knee (it will be

straight). Then from the knee on down mark along side the yardstick with chalk. I use my little sliver of soap (the worn thin last bit of a bar of soap), and draw a line on down through the hem.

Make a new seam on that line for a straight inside leg seam and trim away the excess fabric and finish the seam. You still have the flare on the outer seam.

Often said is the phrase, "Old jeans never die..." Those long legs cut off into Capri's, or cut off for shorts solves the problem of worn knees. Now we are even making purses out of the tops of jeans and with their pockets they are really quite clever.

Remember cutting your thread on a slant creates a point which is much easier to thread a needle. Keep extra sewing machine needles on hand as a dull needle creates problems.

-- Aunt Norie, PO Box 265, Tonganoxie, 66086,

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