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Letter to the editor: Applause for the ‘Seven Project’

May 25, 2005

Applause for 'Seven Project'

To the editor:

I was very surprised when I read the May 11 article in The Mirror on the school district considering policy changes based on the "Seven Project." The article focused on a "supposed" controversy surrounding the Seven Project.

I am extremely concerned the school board would begin rewriting the school policy because a select few parents complained about the event. If this attitude was taken toward school lunches, I suppose the board would be rewriting the school menu every week! Why can't the board stand up tall and show some backbone. Maybe the problem is not the school policy, but lack of understanding by certain parents.

Instead of exploring this option, the board "cowed down" and demonstrated a complete lack of vision and weak commitment toward building a better school system. Now a new policy will be written until another parent complains (never mind the 90 percent of parents that think the system is working).

In addition, The Mirror article should have been written to applaud all those involved in the Seven Project. Several churches joined together to support the local school and help teenagers with the real life issues they contend with. Surely they deserve some thanks?

Since it is apparent that no one else will say it, I will. To all of you who were involved in the Seven Project: Thank you. Thank you for taking an interest in the kids of this community and putting your time and money in line with what you say and believe. I think others should take notes and start helping build up our community and our schools, instead of tearing down good, healthy programs because of "religious" sponsorship.

Paul Dial,

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