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Remember when: A community review

May 25, 2005

10 years ago: May 10, 1995

(Picture) Motorcycling is for everyone. Yes, that's a wheelchair you see in the sidecar of that Honda 750, and Les Rowland's under that helmet, ready to go for a ride around Wichita. Les' motorcycle was custom built for him by Tom Terning of Valley Center. The sidecar contains all the usual motorcycle controls and in Les' case, a sports car steering wheel. The driver rolls his wheelchair into place on the sidecar platform, locking a guard in place to prevent the chair from rolling backward, straps the chair securely to the frame and is ready to tour. Passengers sit on the regular motorcycle seat and hold on tight. (Article by Ann Rowland, sister of Billie Aye.)

Flying from Kennedy to Tel Aviv on April 22 was a flight into the past for Ben and Margaret Saathoff as they traveled to Israel, a trip given by their church family and friends in celebration of their 20 years of ministry at Tonganoxie. Traveling with them were Bob and Louise Alterman, also from Tonganoxie.

Deaths: Dale Allison, 68, Basehor, died May 6. Nathan Reynolds Bundy Jr., 75, Kansas City, died May 7. Barbara J. Meyer, 58, House Springs, Mo., died May 4. Laura Jean Snowden, 75, Tonganoxie, died May 4.

Births: Gary and Kelley Baker announce the birth of a son, Collin Michael, on April 16. Doug and Tammy Bennett announce the birth of a daughter, Marisa Nicole, March 31. Teresa Lynn and C. Edward Young announce the birth of a daughter, Elizabeth Morgan Young, May 1.

25 years ago: May 7, 1980

John Frederic Zoellner, 43, Mission, died Wednesday of a heart attack. The funeral for William H. Shingleton, 84, Kansas City, Kan., was this last week. Survivors included a daughter, Ruth Robbins, of Tonganoxie.

Birth: Mr. and Mrs. Peter Fish of Fairbanks, Alaska, announce the birth of a daughter, Jessica Rae, born April 28, 1980. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Kurpeikis of Washington, Pa., announce the birth of a daughter, Kara Layne, on March 16, 1980.

Linwood: A family dinner honoring Mrs. Addie Black, Tonganoxie, on her 91st birthday was held April 27 at the Florence Riford Senior Citizen Center, Tonganoxie.

A family reunion will be held Sunday, May 11, 1980, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Williams, Tonganoxie, in honor of Mrs. Anna Shepherd of Bakersfield, California.

McLouth News: On Sunday, April 28, a birthday dinner was held at the George home in honor of Agnes Shoemaker.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Murray flew to Morristown, N.J., Monday evening where they were called by the death of his brother, Robert Murray, who passed away Saturday. Mr. Murray is a local druggist.

Mrs. Blanche Young attended the funeral services for her great-granddaughter, Tracy Marie Meyer in Oskaloosa, Friday. She was the infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Meyer.

50 years ago: May 26, 1955

Death: Melvina Jane Noll died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. J.A. McNulty, El Cajon, Calif., May 16, 1955. Mrs. Noll was the wife of J.C. Noll, old-time resident of Tonganoxie, who died Jan. 8, 1929.

James R. Thomas was killed instantly at about 3:30 p.m. Tuesday while helping install a television antenna at his home in Oskaloosa.

Birth: Mr. and Mrs. John Farris of San Simon, Ariz., announce the birth of a son, Mark Alvin, May 21, 1955.

Dr. Phil Stevens has decided to locate at Tonganoxie to engage in medical practice where he will take over the established practice of Dr. Howland, who goes to Mayo's as a specialist. Dr. Phil is just now finishing his year of internship at St. Margaret's hospital and mercy hospital, Kansas City, Mo. -Oskaloosa Independent.

The Weekly News Reel: Dr. Phil Stevens, who is taking over Dr. Willard Howland's office July 1, comes from a family of doctors. His father practices at Oskaloosa and a brother or two are MD's also. We hear they are all red-headed.

Birth: Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Moses announce the birth of a daughter, Deborah Ann, May 22, 1955.

75 years ago: May 1, 1930

Small Boy Hit On Highway 40: IS IN CRITICAL CONDITION: Dillon Cline, age 6, On Way Home From School, When Hit by Motorist Along Highway.

Mrs. Hazel Loveall, age 24, well known in the Jarbalo vicinity as Hazel Kesinger, died at Bethany Hospital, Kansas City, Kan., April 29, 1930, age 24 years, 1 month and 3 days.

Dr. Coe reports the birth of twin boys to Mr. and Mrs. Noah Pearson, who live on the Geo. Seufert Sr., place east of town. One baby boy will celebrate his birthday on April 24, as he was born before midnight on that day while the other twin will celebrate his birthday April 25, as his birth occurred after midnight. The baby boys have been given the names, Ed and Fred.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Shrimplin, Friday, April 25, an eight-pound boy, named Marvin LeRoy.

C.W. Fisher, father of Mrs. J.C. Sedgwick of Tonganoxie, died at his home in Leavenworth early Wednesday morning, at the age of 78 years.

Reno: The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bleakley Jr., was laid to rest in the Reno cemetery on Sunday afternoon.

100 years ago: May 11, 1905

Fairmount: Mr. and Mrs. Merrifield have named their new boy Noble Olif Merrifield.

Fairmount: For an aged person of moderate means and desires, Fairmount is an ideal place to spend their remaining years.

Lem Evans always remembers May 8 and May 9. On May the 8, 1860, he crossed the Kaw at Lawrence, on a march to Leavenworth. The members of the party had on heavy overcoats, it was so cold. That night camp was made on what is now the Loomis farm on Stranger and water froze half an inch thick. All the way to Leavenworth there was not a sign of anything green.

Mrs. Chas Rinehart died very suddenly at her home in Lawrence, May 4.

Mr. and Mrs. Brock, of Jarbalo, lost a child by death Tuesday.

The infant boy of Mr. and Mrs. George Ratliff died Saturday morning. Funeral services were held Sunday.

Born to Rev. and Mrs. G.W. Windle, Tuesday morning, a boy. -Valley Fall New Era

Neely: A. Ward and family were shopping in Tonganoxie, Saturday.

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