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Young cooks offer turkey-baking tips

November 22, 2005

Editor's note: On Thursday afternoon -- a week before Thanksgiving --Brenda Frost's first-graders had turkey on their minds. The Tonganoxie Elementary School students had just put the finishing touches on pictures they'd painted of turkeys. And they'd all written recipes, in their own words, with their own spelling, telling how to cook a turkey, just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Randa Lewis

How to bake a turkey. Mom! Dad! Let's go to the stor to get a turkey! First poot it in a pan. Secint, wate for an howur. Take it out. Then call all the people. Then when thay get there it's time to eat.

Drew Cook

Hunting for a turkey

Hunt for the turkey.

Chop the hade off.

Way the turkey.

Put the turkey in the ovine.

Leve the turkey in the ovine for four howors.

Eat the turkey. Yome yome.

Alexis Baldwin

Come on dad let's go to the stor! Let's go to get the turkey! Let's go back home. Let's put the turkey in the uvin. With joosis. How hot is it? We will bak it for 1 ouwr. Ding! It's dun.

Hope Creten

Come on Mom com. Lnts go get a trucey so we wet to get a trucey we came home and cokd the trucey for 3 hawrs and tehn we eat it.

Emily Hummelgaard

Her is a turkey. The bigist turkey tar is! Now I'm going to take it hom with my mom and dad and I'm going to eat it with my hole famole.

Samantha Patton

How to bake a turkey. Hunt the trkn. Kroot it in the ovn. Et it.

Kain Baitey

How to bake a burkey. I'm hoten in a wods for a turkey. The begast turkey avr! I'l pot et in a pot in the ofen won iwr! Tim to et et.

Alex Wilson

How to bake a turkey. Htn four a turkey. Cook too 3 ms (minutes) Tak ailt.

Grace Woods

How to bake a turkey. Buy a turkey. Take it home. Put in the pan with some jooses on it. And a little bit ladre. We all eat.

Autumn Rayer-Tighe

Mom Dad lets go bi a trkey. We will put it in the oven. Cook for menet and et.

Christian Hernandez

A turkey goe in the even. Win it is dun we et it.

Corbin Oroke

The turke is in the ovn. Lev it in for oue our. Tak it out and et.

Zac Oliver

I will hunt a turkey. We will tak it to are hows and cook it. I am going to tak it owt uv the uvin and eit it.

Jordan Brown

How to bake a turkey. Me and my mom got to B&J and by a turkey. We go home and we cook it in the ovine for five hor. Yum yum!

Garrett Sloan

I pgt the trk in the pan and cok et. Then we et it.

Sam Coffin

How tow bake a turkey.

You put it in ovin. Put the thermomrd in. cook for ther owr.

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